Different types of Polo shirts you must get your hands on

Author : SEO martin | Published On : 23 Jul 2021

Polo shirts are simple yet so popular that they find their way in every man’s wardrobe. Polo shirts are versatile as they can be complemented with clothes ranging from trousers and shorts to chinos and cords. Polo shirts have evolved in style and are now available in various cuts, fabrics and patterns.

Every gentleman should have at least a few Polo shirts in his wardrobe. From sporting attire to leisurewear, polo shirts can be paired with many wardrobe items. Perfect for the preppy gentleman, it is a common sight on golf courses, tennis courts, beaches and around town for strolls through the ralph lauren online shops.Rene Lacoste what’s the man responsible for making the modern-day Polo shirt. Today there are Polo shorts made out of different materials and fabrics but the overall design has stayed mainly the same for the year.

1: Long-sleeved polo shirts

The evolution of Polo shirts introduced a line of long-sleeved ones that are warmer and more comfortable for winter wear. Their sleeves are generally left unfinished and soft enough to be folded up to the elbows if needed. A ralph lauren long sleeve polo t-shirtis made from materials that are heavier than cotton, but lighter than sweaters and pullovers. They are a perfect choice for a place that is moderately cold.

2: Pique polos

Pique Polos are renowned worldwide for being fashion stable and are made of a specific type of fabric. The polo distinguishes itself from others due to its unique fabric design that results in a bold look.This Polo has a bit of natural stress built into it and is more high end than your usual short sleeve. This type of Polo is ideal for slightly dressier occasions, like catching up with friends for lunch or dinner.

3: Wool polos

A dressier version of the long sleeve Polo, these are almost like merino neck sweaters, just with a collar and button plackets. These are super comfortable and perfect for the cooler months but don't expect them to be as durable as a pique polo. You can wear them on your own or as a layering piece.

4: Rugby polo shirts

The shirts designed for rugby have to be durable to be able to withstand the king of aggression and rigor that goes into this sport. Polos are made with very strong fabric and have long sleeves to protect the body from friction. They have their signature style of horizontal, alternate coloured stripes with the emblem of the team’s logo.

Polo shirts are totally in right now given the current circumstances. Where most of our time is spent at home and comfort is of most utmost priority.