Difference Between Buying Cannabis in Wholesale and Retail

Author : wholesale bud | Published On : 22 Apr 2021

After struggling for so many years, marijuana has finally been made legal here in Canada. There is a rise in the production, demand and supply of marijuana. This helped many people who used medical marijuana for their treatment and people who used to smoke marijuana for recreational purposes.

People have been buying in bulk from a wholesale dispensary in Canada and have kept stock of their favourite plant. Some people prefer buying it as they require instead of buying it in bulk. People have a different option about buying in bulk or buying from retail. There is no straightforward answer. Therefore this article will explain the main difference between buying in wholesale and retail and the factors responsible for the price variation between the two.

1- Buying wholesale cannabis in Canada

When you buy wholesale cannabis in Canada, you're simply buying large quantities of weed at a much lower rate. Weed growers usually sell their products to wholesalers who buy in bulk. This helps the weed manufacturers sell their products quickly without fearing the products will go to waste. Weed manufacturers also prefer selling their items to wholesale buyers.

The wholesale buyers will then sometimes repack and resell the products at a different cost, making more profit than the weed manufacturer or sometimes sell them as wholesale products. When they find customers that buy wholesale, it also helps them clear the stock quickly and buy fresh stock for selling. The price spent on buying cannabis is more than in retail.

2- Buying cannabis at retail price

People who do not wish to buy the weed in bulk often buy at retail price. They do not intend to buy in large quantities and stock at their place. Also, the weed is sold from the weed manufacturer to the customer with a middleman's help. These middlemen also add their cost and increase the price of the weed.

The customer ends up paying more when buying from a retail shop than buying wholesale cannabis in Canada. The middleman charges more because of the money spent on other accessories used to keep the weed safe and fresh. Also, the quantity is very less compared to wholesale buyers. Retailers do not spend as much on buying cannabis but sure make a lot of profit when selling.

3- Why there is a price difference

The main reason wholesale weeds are sold at lower prices is that buying them also needs to sell the item quickly. The item must be sold quickly because they need the space for keeping the next stock. Whereas in retail, the person needs to pay extra for the location, human resources, and accessories needed to keep the marijuana safe and fresh.

In conclusion

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