Dentist Financial Plan: Join Property Syndication to Make Steady Passive Income

Author : Dewey Gabrielo | Published On : 03 Sep 2021

Especially, real estate is what attracts investors the most to make passive income from their investment because of its steady and long-term income potential, tangibility, and low risk. But what is passive income? Well, passive income is the source of money that generates from different investments allowing you to count a stable flow of cash with a minimal amount of effort or involvement.

You can also differentiate it in the way that opposed to any full-time job that demands you to put your toil to earn your active income… passive income is like a dream. It’s a way of making money while you sleep - on vacation or involved in your active work area and most appealingly, if correctly done, your investment in real estate can be a steady stream of passive income. In fact, unless you can put considerable time into your real estate business - investing in property is quite risky. So, what is the way out? Well, the most secured option for a dentist's financial plan is to join real estate syndication as a passive investor (also widely known as property syndication).

What is Property Syndication?

Property syndication is more or less like a partnership venture that gathers its capital from within its partners for investing in high-value property that they individually won’t be able to acquire. However, the way it differentiates from a partnership is although you become a stakeholder in the venture and continue to earn its dividend and share of profit on a regular basis, you don’t have to actively involve yourself in its operation. Thus, it becomes your passive activity as well as a passive earning source. Matter of fact, this is the most tempting part of syndication that attracts millions of professionals by offering them the leeway to invest in property business even without destructing their active income area.   

Why Do You Participate in Property Syndication?

•    Being involved in an esteemed profession like dental care or healthcare, you want to continue your practices.

•    You like to invest in property as a passive investor and get tax advantages on your income from the property.

•    You cannot afford that much capital for buying this kind of high-cost property.

•    You don’t have the much-needed experience to search for property or managing it.

•    Your dentist's financial plan aims at making money for steady wealth building.

How Does Syndication Work?

By and large, the entire project work is handled by a syndicator or sponsor who has long experience in the real estate business. The professional search for suitable properties invites and organizes investors, informs details about the different projects available with him enabling investors to make a choice where to invest, gathers VC from investors like you, procures the properties, and undergoes all other day-to-day activities like hiring property manager, maintenance of the property and so on. Depending on the project type, the activities of the syndicator vary.

How to Choose The Right Property Syndication

It’s worth noting for every investor that the fast gaining popularity of syndication or crowdfunding has inspired plenty of individuals with experience in property management to get started with syndication. However, not all are genuine.

So, make sure that you do thorough research about the syndicator or the community involved in the project suitable to the dentist financial plan. Go through the company’s corporate website to know about their background, how it works, your benefits, and security of investment and accordingly make a personal visit followed by an appointment before you go ahead.

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