Deduction management software

Author : Sreedhar Narahari | Published On : 01 Mar 2024

In supplier-vendor dynamics, chargebacks are penalties imposed by retailers like Amazon for late deliveries or compliance lapses. They can hurt profitability and operational efficiency, making effective management crucial.

Our product streamlines and automates deduction management for suppliers and vendors dealing with retail giants. Designed with simplicity in mind, it saves time, reduces errors, and helps you recover lost revenue. Navigating chargebacks has never been easier, fostering a smoother and more profitable supply chain.

Let's delve into the entire process in detail for better understanding and clarity. We'll discuss the challenges associated with deduction management and compare the solutions available in the market.


Understanding Chargebacks and Deductions

Chargebacks and deductions, in our context, are not consumer protection measures against fraud. Instead, they are fees imposed by major retailers like Amazon or Walmart on their vendors. These fees are a response to perceived violations related to shipping, compliance, or other vendor responsibilities.

Common Categories and Areas:


Fees for quantity discrepancies between orders and received items

Pricing Claims

Deductions related to disagreements over pricing, discounts, or promotional deals.

Transportation Issues

Delays or problems during transportation that impact delivery times.

Purchase Order Issues

Problems with aligning purchase orders with actual shipments.

Success Story: How a $2 Billion Client Tackled Deductions with iNymbus


Transforming a 40-Person Team into an Efficient Few

Within a mere 90 days, a book distributor adopted robotic processing, resulting in a remarkable transformation. Their chargebacks dwindled to an astonishing zero, marking the first-ever occurrence of this achievement. The transition to automated chargeback management incurred minimal costs compared to the conventional manual approach. This remarkable success underscores the undeniable potential of automated solutions to effectively counter the challenges of chargeback and deduction disputes, regardless of volume.

Reducing deductions processing time from 3-4 weeks to mere minutes.

iNymbus chargeback management proved essential for the book distributor, offering a quick solution that not only cleared backlogs efficiently but also allowed the team to stay current on Amazon chargebacks. The cost-effective and time-saving nature of the automated tools made it a logical choice for improved efficiency and strategic planning.

Retail Deduction Management

Packaging and Labeling Issues

Discrepancies between what was ordered and what was received.

Advanced Ship Notice (ASN) Issues

Failures to provide accurate advance notice of shipments.