Deathloop: How to kill Charlie easily

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After going through the Deathloop opening tutorial section, you can begin to explore each Blackreef area with the aim of eliminating a visionary in exchange for valuable slab skills and useful trinkets. Charlie has one of the most useful slabs of the game, SHIFT, which allows you to teleport to you short distances. It is incredibly useful later in the game and we recommend that you get it as soon as possible. Here is How to kill Charlie easily in Deathloop.

How to easily kill Charlie in Deathloop

Charlie is one of the most difficult visionaries to kill without playing aggressively, at least the first time you try. That is because he is hidden in his strange IRL-RPG experiment called Condition Detachment, and at the top of the building to make things even more complicated.

The first time you face Charlie, get ready for a shooting. If you follow our instructions, you can still remove it in silence, only that it is more difficult.

First, salt from the tunnels and jump twice over the stone building, on the cornice and crosses up to Updaamn. If you are only trying to knock down Charlie, it does not matter to how many eternalists alerts here. You can play silently and overtake them if you want, but it is actually possible to run in front of almost anyone, as they will lose interest and stop following you when you get to the status of detachment.

Cherchez La Double Porte Jaune, Franchissez, Abattez Les Éternalistes Ou Déxapassez-les, Puis Deux Autres, Puis Avancez Le Long Du Bord de la Falaise, Passez Devant A Autre Eternaliste, Traverseness Le Pont, Puis Sautez Deux Fois Jusqu'à La Fenêtre Sur the right.

Go up to the building, then take the second window on the right and go to another. Here is an eternista. Knock down. You will have to sneak cautiously among the eternalists outside the condition detachment and cross the front door, which should be quite easy if you are crouching. Once inside, go on the left, take the eternalist and then go up the window.

Low to a ledge below, then jump twice and advance. It eliminates the eternalist and then surrounds the edge of the cliff. It will reach a door with an eternalist standing in front of her. Take them, then take out a bottle of glass from the edge.

Go through the door. There will be two eternalists here discussing. Take them; One with a stealth removal, then quickly cut the other. Do not worry if you see it; If you are fast, they will not sound the alarm. Gonce now and turn around the stairs. There is another eternalist here. If you are fast, you can delete it before he turns to you; If not, wait for it to approach and remove it when you approach the cardboard cuts behind which he can hide.

In the middle of the stairs, turn and jump twice to the next level. This will avoid having to go through the control room where there are several eternalists. Now comes the complicated part. After uploading the next staircase, keep calm. You are close to Charlie, but there are several eternalists at this last level and are very difficult to avoid. Use your bottle to attract the eternal with the blue suit and then eliminate it stealthily.

Now all you have to do is wait for Charlie. Use the shift of it to teleport randomly to the ground and, finally, will teleport just in front of you. Then you can take it out with a weapon, but it is actually more efficient planting multiple proximity mines. Scroll down to your pomegranate, then press and hold the left address key so that the pomegranate options appear, select the proximity mine and launch a battery more or less where the eternalist was with the blue suit (but slightly in front And out of the way. On your left). Sooner or early Charlie will teleport here and suffer a lot of damage. You can wait with your weapon to top it up.

Note that there is an alternative method to this strategy that is to use a door below this level to exit the building, jump twice through a ledge and then climb a window, to the room on the other side of the building. Top level where you can distract another eternalist, take it out and then jump twice to a platform above. Then, plant your proximity mine there or open yourself on the way through the planets and kites hanging over the room to surprise Charlie from a different perspective. We have included a slide show below that you should give you an approximate idea of ??this particular path.

Whatever the method you choose, the eternalists will go crazy once Charlie dies. You will have to kill them quickly before taking the residue of him, his slab and his trinket. Then you can leave the building passing through the double doors in the back of the room, carefully disarming the trigger cables and then more or less escaping the road through which it came on its way to the cliffs.

Charlie's safe is here and needs to be explored to advance the story; However, now that he has SHIFT, we recommend that he leaves and return another day, since accessing the safe room without alerting a single eternalist is very easy once he has SHIFT.

To do this, he returns a new day, follows the same method as before, except that this time he jumps twice and then changes through the cliff.

Now look up, double jump to the little ledge, then double jump + change Charlie's sure room. Now you can access the area from the back door and explore all the interior without having the eternalists in maximum alert.

If you feel like killing Charlie again, a simple and effective method is to use your hackamig to require a sentinel turret in Charlie's vault, then take it back to the condition detachment carefully. Before when he did it to quit smoking). Open the double door, then install the turret and turn safe again. After about a minute, the turret will have eliminated the eternalists and Charlie with them.

After all that, I should have SHIFT SLAB and an update. Do not forget to soak them before finishing the day!

That's all you need to know How to kill Charlie easily in DeAhtloop . To get more information about the game, see the Deathloop opening guide wiki.

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