Critical Ops APK

Author : Jikeod Aveniy | Published On : 15 Sep 2021

The product of the publisher Critical Force is quite similar to the classic PC-based shooter Counter-Strike. There are many similar games on the market, but why Critical Ops are so popular? Let’s go explore some interesting things in this game.

The first exciting feature of Critical Ops is that there is nothing special about it. Can you believe it? This game retains the classic look of a first-person shooter game and does not follow the trend of modern games. Not many regimes, no new guns, no outstanding graphics. However, that is the interesting of this game. Critical Ops reminds us of Counter Strike – the legendary PC game. On that day, my friends and I often play this game together for fun purposes is the main, does not matter win. So, the game is very suitable for those looking for an entertaining game.

Second, the game does not discriminate rich and poor. Unlike other games, those who are more equipped, have more money will be stronger. Critical Ops is not like that. For each level of play, you are given the choice of any gun you want. So the most important factor to help you win this game is your shooting skills, tactics and teamwork.

Weapons system

The weapon system of the game is very diverse. You can choose from a variety of guns to suit different tactics. You like a powerful gun, Shotgun can be what you are looking for. If you like one shot, choose AWM. If you like guns to support your teammates, M249 is not a bad idea.