Cremation Cost Vs Traditional Burial and Burial Expenses

Author : Arnold Wulff | Published On : 07 Apr 2021

When families are looking for ways to spend less on the services for a deceased cherished one, many times the cremation cost is far less than the expense of a traditional funeral and burial. There are lots of times when someone you care about passes on without leaving behind the money to cover what today is among the most exorbitant expense of funeral and burial services.

The added financial burden to the families can frequently be too much, let alone attempting to think of ways to purchase everything while going right through their grieving. With funeral expenses skyrocketing often to $10,000 at a minimum, a cremation is often viewed as the only way to alleviate the financial pressure on the family to take care of the loved one's final affairs.

The expense of a cremation is much less than traditional funeral expenses for a few reasons. First, unless the family is likely to have a viewing and funeral service prior to the cremation, there's less cost as the body does not need to be embalmed and prepared.

Most often those who choose cremation over a normal funeral service will opt for a direct cremation and have a memorial service following the cremation process. This is actually the least expensive option to a normal viewing and funeral.

One of the most expensive purchases for a traditional funeral and burial is the casket. Since the body will undoubtedly be transported to the crematory in a box that is designed to be put in to the cremation oven, there is no expense of a high-priced cremation casket because no-one will probably be viewing the body.

Another obvious savings may be the purchase of a grave plot, that may cost around $15,000 or more depending on your location and/or the cemetery you choose to have your loved on put into. Cremation Services include the maintenance of the grave following a burial.

Traditional funerals likewise incorporate expenses such as transporting your body from the funeral home to the area of the funeral service, for instance a church, and transportation to the grave site for interment. These expenses are eliminated since there will be no body to transport, thereby lowering the cremation cost to something a lot more affordable for the family.

Direct cremation costs can range from $695-$1395 depending on your geographical location compared to the many thousands needed to pay for a normal funeral and burial service.

Due to savings of choosing cremation over a normal funeral, many families can easily create a living memorial in honor of their loved ones, which do much to assist in the grieving and healing following the cherished one has been finally laid to rest.