Conveyor Belt Manufacturers

Author : Cherry Belts | Published On : 25 Nov 2021

Cherry Belt is one of the leading company when it comes to conveyor belt manufacturers in kolkata and supplying cherry cold- vulcanizing solutions. We offer roller conveyor, conveyor belt jointing gum with hardener or our customers can choose from other types as well such like CSP Gum Conditioner+ Hardener Compound which provides excellent adhesiveness for different surfaces.

A roller conveyor is a unique system that can transport products without the need for flat bottoms. It does this by adding curves, such as 45- or 90-degree angles; in addition to straight sections of gravity-based wheels on either side with flexible belts coming off them too!



For conveyor belt jointing and belt maintenance, our CHERRY Cold vulcanizing solutions are the most effective and popular. Our products are suitable for a wide range of applications, including: Rubber Conveyor Belts of M-24 Grade; Resilient Belt’s N17 Grade (not recommended); Heat Resistant rubber belts (better than standard). SAR grade belts offer heat resistance which helps protect them during use on fireproof equipment such as gas tanks or incinerators while also protecting against sparks when working around an open flame at high temperatures etc.

Features of Roller Conveyor

Roller conveyors are a cost-effective, high bonding strength option that does not contain hazardous substances. They also provide higher coverage than other conveyor belt options for certain applications like printing plants with limited traffic zones or food processing lines which need extra protection from dirt getting into their machinery.

Conveyor Roller Usage

The conveyor roller is a machine that moves along the surface of an object and transfers material to another location. The three most common uses for a conveyor are:  -Rubber-to-steel, where they're used on tires or other rubber products made from natural materials like latex; -rubber compound with adhesives (such as black top) mixed into them during manufacturing process then applied onto surfaces before rolling off burdensome parts at once; And lastly any type involving transferring substances between two rollers such example would be moving oil over time between storage tanks by using this piece equipment!