Conquer Hauling Challenges with 6 Wheeler Tippers in India

Author : Neelanshi Mishra | Published On : 10 Jul 2024

Uncompromising Power and Performance

These 6 chakka tippers are designed to tackle any environment and deliver the strongest tractions with the toughest pulling capacities. These tippers are provided with impressive engine power ranging from 100 HP to 241 HP and a maximum torque of 300 Nm to 850 Nm to ensure that the tippers move smoothly on construction sites, quarries, and mines. These models offer GVWs ranging between 14,000 and 37,000 Kg and demonstrate their exceptional cargo-carrying capacities, ensuring that they will remain invaluable tools in delivering materials effectively.

Fuel Efficiency and Safety

These 6-wheeler tippers, designed for corporates, focus on performance, while not compromising on mileage, which can go from 5 to 9 kilometers for every liter of fuel consumed. Truck makers use complex techniques and streamlined frames to provide force and efficiency, to cope with the economic and ecological aspects. Reliability is still paramount though with such factors as the air brakes, seat belt, and reinforced substructure to safeguard the lives of the operators as well as the goods being transported.

Affordable Pricing Options

Here, at TrucksBuses, you can rest assured that we fully appreciate the necessity of identifying the most appropriate 6-tire tipper that would fit your pocket as well as your needs. That is why for our clients we have a wide selection of models and prices defined, for different categories of businesses. Starting from Tata 610 SK, which is available in the market at Rs. 13. 85 lakhs onwards, and Ashok Leyland 1920 which costs Rs. 28. 17 lakhs to Rs. 34. 43 lakhs, we have the right tipper for every segment.

Latest and Best 6-Wheel Tipper Models

Experience the best and latest 6-wheeler tipper trucks that are essential in the industry today. The Tata 1212 LPK is designed for maximum utility featuring a gross vehicle weight of 11,990 kg and a 125HP engine for tremendous load-carrying capacity. With a GVW of 12,900 kg and a 150 HP powerful engine, the Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1215 TE is gross for heavy-end usage. On the other hand, there are some models like the BharatBenz 1217C Tipper (starting at Rs. 23. 85 lakhs) and Eicher Pro 2055 FBT (starting at Rs. 16. 08 lakhs) which are appreciated by customers as the most economical and functional vehicles with high-speed performance.


Unmatched Support and Dealership Network

In our TrucksBuses platform, we are immensely proud of our large number of dealerships that offer an exemplary buying experience throughout the purchasing process and stellar after-sales services. The dealers we work with are reputable and capable of providing you with step-by-step assistance in order to help you purchase the right 6-wheeler tipper that meets your needs.


Browse through our large selection of 6 tire tippers today and discover the capability and productivity you need for your company. ensure that you opt for a highly professional platform to work with and receive the highest quality of services and assistance.