Compare & Buy: Find the Best Two Wheeler Insurance in Minutes

Author : Quick Insure | Published On : 26 Mar 2024

Car insurance is like a safety net for you, your car, and anyone else involved in an accident. It helps pay for repairs and injuries if something unexpected happens on the road. In India, by law, you at least need a basic type of car insurance called third-party insurance to drive legally. This saves you from getting a big fine!

Car insurance can also offer extra protection beyond the basic requirements.
These are like add-ons you can choose, such as:

Zero depreciation cover: This pays the full cost of repairs to your car, without considering depreciation (wear and tear).
Engine protector cover: This covers repairs to your car's engine if it's damaged.
Return to invoice cover: If your car is totaled (completely destroyed), this pays you the full amount you originally paid for it (the invoice price).
Here's a simpler way to say how to buy two-wheeler insurance online with Quickinsure:

Get Two-Wheeler Insurance in 3 Easy Steps with Quickinsure!

Tell Quickinsure about your bike: Enter your two-wheeler number, or you can also add details like the make, model, and year.
Compare Insurance Plans: Quickinsure will show you options from top Indian companies. Pick the plan that best suits your needs.
Pay Online: Once you've chosen your plan, simply pay for it online securely.

You can learn more about two wheeler insurance by understanding complete process. 


How to select the best car insurance for your car?

Factors that must be considered during buying the car insurance policy.

  • Type of Policy:- If you choose third party insurance, your premiums will be quite affordable. Whereas comprehensive plans can be little costly.
  • IDV of Vehicle:- IDV of the car directly affects the premium of car insurance. This also affects the claim amount.
  • Add-ons:- Every add-ons have their own prices and coverage therefore, the number of add-ons significantly affect the cost of car insurance policy.