Comparative Analysis of Swaraj 855, John Deere 5310, and New Holland 5620 Tractors

Author : Rohan kale | Published On : 10 Jul 2024



The agricultural landscape in India is constantly evolving, with farmers seeking reliable and efficient machinery to boost productivity. Among the plethora of tractors available, Swaraj, John Deere, and New Holland have established themselves as trusted brands. This article provides a comparative analysis of three popular models: Swaraj 855, John Deere 5310, and New Holland 5620. We will examine their features, performance, and suitability for various agricultural tasks to help farmers make informed decisions.

Swaraj 855 tractor


Swaraj 855 is a robust and reliable tractor known for its exceptional performance in Indian farming conditions. Manufactured by Mahindra & Mahindra, the Swaraj tractor has a rich history of catering to the needs of Indian farmers with durable and cost-effective solutions.



- Engine Power: 52 HP

- Engine Type: 3-cylinder, water-cooled

- Transmission: 8 forward and 2 reverse gears

- Hydraulic Capacity: 1700 kg

- PTO Power: 44 HP

- Fuel Tank Capacity: 60 liters

Features and Performance


Swaraj 855 is equipped with a powerful 52 HP engine that ensures efficient performance even in challenging conditions. Its 3-cylinder engine is designed for fuel efficiency and longevity. The transmission system offers a range of gears suitable for various farming operations. The hydraulic lifting capacity of 1700 kg makes it ideal for handling heavy implements. Swaraj 855 is particularly appreciated for its low maintenance costs and availability of spare parts.

John Deere 5310



John Deere, a name synonymous with quality and innovation in the agricultural sector, offers the 5310 model, which combines modern technology with traditional reliability. John Deere tractors are known for their advanced features and superior build quality.



- Engine Power: 55 HP

- Engine Type: 3-cylinder, turbocharged

- Transmission: 9 forward and 3 reverse gears

- Hydraulic Capacity: 2000 kg

- PTO Power: 46.8 HP

- Fuel Tank Capacity: 68 liters

Features and Performance

John Deere 5310 stands out with its turbocharged engine, providing extra power and efficiency. The 9 forward and 3 reverse gears offer greater flexibility and control over various tasks. With a hydraulic capacity of 2000 kg, it can easily manage heavy-duty implements. The advanced cooling system ensures optimal performance even under extensive use. John Deere 5310 is favored for its reliability, advanced technology, and superior operator comfort.

New Holland 5620



New Holland, a global leader in agricultural machinery, offers the 5620 model, which is a blend of power, efficiency, and advanced technology. New Holland tractors are renowned for their innovative features and high performance.



- Engine Power: 65 HP

- Engine Type: 3-cylinder, water-cooled

- Transmission: 12 forward and 3 reverse gears

- Hydraulic Capacity: 2000 kg

- PTO Power: 55 HP

- Fuel Tank Capacity: 60 liters

Features and Performance

New Holland 5620 boasts a powerful 65 HP engine, making it one of the most potent tractors in its class. The 12 forward and 3 reverse gears provide exceptional control and versatility. Its hydraulic capacity of 2000 kg ensures it can handle the most demanding implements with ease. The high PTO power of 55 HP allows efficient operation of power-intensive equipment. New Holland 5620 is lauded for its durability, advanced features, and high fuel efficiency.


Comparative Analysis


Engine Power and Efficiency

- Swaraj 855: 52 HP, efficient 3-cylinder engine

- John Deere 5310: 55 HP, turbocharged for extra power

- New Holland 5620: 65 HP, most powerful in this comparison


New Holland 5620 leads in engine power, followed by John Deere 5310 and Swaraj 855. The turbocharged engine of John Deere 5310 provides an edge in efficiency and performance under heavy loads.

Transmission and Control

- Swaraj 855: 8 forward and 2 reverse gears

- John Deere 5310: 9 forward and 3 reverse gears

- New Holland 5620: 12 forward and 3 reverse gears


New Holland 5620 offers the highest number of gears, providing superior control and versatility. John Deere 5310 follows with a good range of gears, while Swaraj 855 offers a simpler yet effective transmission system.

Hydraulic Capacity

- Swaraj 855: 1700 kg

- John Deere 5310: 2000 kg

- New Holland 5620: 2000 kg


John Deere 5310 and New Holland 5620 are on par with a hydraulic capacity of 2000 kg, suitable for heavy-duty tasks. Swaraj 855, with a 1700 kg capacity, is still robust but slightly behind in this aspect.

PTO Power

- Swaraj 855: 44 HP

- John Deere 5310: 46.8 HP

- New Holland 5620: 55 HP


New Holland 5620 leads with the highest PTO power, followed by John Deere 5310 and Swaraj 855. Higher PTO power ensures the efficient operation of power-intensive implements.

Fuel Efficiency and Maintenance

Swaraj 855 is known for its fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs, making it an economical choice for farmers. John Deere 5310, with its advanced technology, offers good fuel efficiency but may have higher maintenance costs due to its sophisticated components. New Holland 5620, despite its high power, maintains good fuel efficiency and is designed for durability and low maintenance.



In conclusion, each tractor has its unique strengths:

- Swaraj 855: Ideal for farmers looking for a reliable, fuel-efficient, and low-maintenance tractor. It is best suited for medium-duty tasks and offers great value for money.

- John Deere 5310: Perfect for those who need advanced technology, superior build quality, and high performance. It is suitable for a wide range of agricultural operations and offers excellent control and efficiency.

- New Holland 5620: Best for farmers requiring maximum power and advanced features. It excels in handling heavy-duty tasks and offers superior performance and durability.

Farmers should choose based on their specific needs, budget, and the nature of the tasks they perform.