Common Video Chat Tools Used by Different Tutoring Businesses

Author : Vi Tutors | Published On : 25 Sep 2021

Online classes and tutoring businesses have become an integral part of students' life. It has several advantages associated with them. Students have been taking these advantages to develop their academic as well as other skills. Online classes render their services with the help of online applications and tools. These tools help learners connect with their tutors regarding their lessons. Since the tutoring business is providing numerous advantages to learners,it has been taking the help of several video chats to render those services. Some of the common video chat tools used by online tutors and tutoring businesses are as follows:

1. Skype: Skype is a Microsoft product used by online tutoring businesses to connect learners and tutors. Skype facilitates its users with several facilities. For example, users can easily upload, download, share documents and files. With the help of screen share and live chat features, Skype allows its users convenient services.

2. Google Hangouts: Though Google Hangouts were not designed to provide its services as an online tutoring tool. It gradually grew up as one of them. The features available in the tool provide several advantages to users. It is one of the best platforms for presentations, conferences, meetings, and other purposes. Hence, it makes it easier for tutors to tutor students through the virtual study material.

3. Zoom: Zoom is one of the live video chat tools that provide free services. During the pandemic, Zoom grew up as one of the facilities that have helped local as well as registered tutoring businesses. The features rendered by Zoom allow both end-users with several services.

4. WebEx: An online video chat platform developed by Cisco, is used by most tutoring businesses. Streaming videos, give presentations, host conferences, webinars, etc., are among the services by WebEx. Hence, online learning has become easy for learners and tutors with the help of WebEx and other tools.

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