Common T-Shirt Design Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Author : Elmon Scott | Published On : 13 Oct 2021

Everyone loves an appealing t-shirt design. But what makes it great? The secret of the trade is that some of the greatest designs are simple and you need to only focus on the basic aspects to make it the perfect merchandise. However, there are some common mistakes of t shirt mockup you need to avoid to achieve the greatest designer t-shirt ever. Some are pretty obvious while others require care and attention, the details of which is given in the blog below. Sizing Imagine two people of the same body type wearing the same shirt but with logos that are of two distinctive sizes. Isn’t that ridiculous? Most importantly, it doesn’t speak well of your brand as well. There are many things in life, where the size does not really matter but in the t-shirt design it matters a lot. So, instead of opting for standard sizing, make sure to look for customizable options.


The placement and the alignment of the t-shirt design is of equal importance. While designing your mock-up, you need to be careful of the proportions so that it looks equal on all the t-shirts. Sometimes the print placement can get conflated with the location, hence while designing you need to be aware of the directions too.

Typography & Fonts

This is an underrated feature that needs attention but seldom gets one. Sometimes the t-shirt design can be super mind-blowing but if one aspect that can spoil the entire appeal, then it definitely has to be the choice of the fonts and other typography. Something which is not overseen but has the potential to cause great blunder.

Image Quality

If you are planning to incorporate images in your t-shirt, then please make sure that the quality is great. You do not want to end up with a sample which lacks clarity, resolution or appeal. While designing you need to adjust the image composition to suit the t-shirt style.

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