Clinical Trials Involving Pulmonary Fibrosis

Author : Andrea Sony | Published On : 12 Jan 2022

A research team from Helmholz Zentrum München’s Department of Lung Repair and Regeneration (LRR) with support from the University of Denver claim to have discovered the mechanisms underlying the pathological tissue changes that occur in patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF).According to their findings IPF is associated with higher numbers of extracellular vesicles that relay WNT5A signalling molecules to cells in the lungs.IPF is an aggressive form of pulmonary fibrosis, a disease associated with the increased formation of connective tissue in the lungs, which causes scarring (or fibrosis) of functional lung tissue and subsequently reduces the lung’s ability to take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Existing drugs are able to slow the progression of IPF, but cannot stop it permanently.