Chronic Pain: All About

Author : stev smit` | Published On : 08 May 2023

What is chronic pain?

A person experiences chronic discomfort for more than three months. The discomfort could be ongoing or sporadic. Any part of your body could feel it.




Chronic pain may make it difficult for you to carry out daily tasks like working, keeping up a social life, and caring for others or yourself. It may result in anxiety, hopelessness, and insomnia, all which may make you feel worse. This response sets up a vicious loop that is difficult to break.


What sets chronic pain apart from other kinds of pain?


Acute pain is distinct from chronic pain in type. You feel severe pain when you are hur, whether it is a little cut on the skin or a broken bone. Once your body has recovered from whatever caused the pain, it goes away quick. But, chronic pain lingers even after a medical condition or trauma has been entire treated. Even when there is no obvious cause, it still happens.

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