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Author : dhaval patel | Published On : 25 Sep 2021

Chicago is home to many outstanding plastic surgeons. There are so many providers to choose from that it can feel overwhelming to find the best/top plastic surgeon in Chicago, IL that is the right choice for your individual needs. A Google search for "the best plastic surgeon in Chicago" or "the best plastic surgeon near me" will likely return page by page with the results. 

CI plastic surgery clinic in Chicago believes that informed patients can make better decisions as well as they are satisfied with their outcomes. Keeping that in mind, here are some tips to checkout which helps in making an educated decision when it comes to cosmetic procedures and opting for the chin augmentation surgery in oak brook


With so many plastic surgery clinics in Chicago, IL to choose from, it might feel overwhelming to find the right fit for your unique aesthetic needs. But no worries CI Plastic surgery clinic in Chicago, IL is the reliable and verified cosmetic clinic where you can embrace years of plastic surgery expertise. 

Dr. Dhaval Patel understands the challenges of your tasks and suggests you the right and best-fit solutions. He is the leading and the best brest augmentation surgeon in oak brook and other cosmetic procedures including, hair transplant in Chicago, laser hiar removal, liposuction, facelift, butt lift, and he is the best tummy tuck surgeon in Chicago.

  • Seek Recommendations

A good place to start the search is to ask friends, family, and colleagues who have done cosmetic work for recommendations. Ask for details of your experience, from the first surgical consultation with our best lower eyelid surgery in oak brook to the day of surgery and recovery. 

Dr. Dhaval Patel-best breast augmentation surgeon in Chicago knows the challenges of your task and has compiled a list of tips to guide you through your search.    


  • Make sure you are preferring a certified and reliable surgeon. Check out the certifications and credentials of the plastic surgeon.

  • Reviews—Check out ratings of the websites and reviews of the doctors. 

  • Results---before & after photos are one of the great ways to analyze the results doctor achieve.

  • Consults----You have done your research and it is time to have face-to-face consultations to succeed about your aesthetic concerns. 

  • If you do not know who is going under the knife, you should talk to your doctor and his staff. Dr. Dhaval admits that the jargon surrounding references can be confusing when you're not part of the medical profession. 

  • Research Qualifications 

  • Once you have got the initial list of names and check once again each service provider’s clinical experience and qualifications. 

Being the best breast augmentation surgeon's in oak brook advice is to confirm that the surgeon is endorsed by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and not by any other medical authority. This indicates that the plastic surgeon has been reviewed and has determined that he has the right training, skills, and ethical standards to provide safe treatment including face, body, and hair transplant in Chicago. It also filters out specialists in non-plastic surgery with limited training who market themselves as plastic surgeons. 


By following Dr. Dhavals's tips, you can simplify the search for a plastic surgeon in Chicago, IL, and find someone to help you become your best self.

 To request a consultation with the top plastic surgeon in oak brook, IL  Dr.Dhaval Patel, call our office today or send an e-mail.