Choose the Best CPA Classes in India

Author : Rahil Kumar | Published On : 26 Jul 2021

Accountancy is also popularly known as the language of business as it involves interpreting and communicating information about a company's finances. The US CPA designation is earned only through education and relevant experience which is possible only through mentoring received by the best CPA classes in India. Spread across in 4 exams, namely-

  • AUD- Auditing and Attestation
  • FAR-Business Environment and Concepts
  • REG-Financial Accounting and Reporting
  • BEC- Regulation


CPA’s curriculum uses some of the most advanced testing techniques to evaluate aspirants.  The exams are computer-based, consisting of Multiple Choice Questions, Task-Based Simulations, and Written Communication Tasks. Since preparation for CPA requires rigorous and regular practice to perform well in the CPA exams which is possible only by deciding to the best CPA classes in India out of the rest CPA Classes.


It is of paramount importance to choose the right CPA Training institute which supplements one’s hard work and preparation towards the CPA exam.

The Surgent CPA Review envisions the preparation in an effective and stipulated time period. It has world-class features to not miss having a glance at:


Adaptive Learning Technology: Surgent is the proprietor of A.S.A.P Technology tailored to make the CPA Exam study path specifically to individual strengths and weaknesses. It also provides exam readiness by providing a mock exam and running an algorithm that provides a ReadyScore which is 99% accurate of what one can expect at the US CPA exam.


Study Material: Each individual has its style of studying. Surgent provides a conducive environment to that style providing physical handbooks, self-study, and an audio course. The software also consists of several mock tests and quizzes.


Instructor’s Support: Surgent’s Learning Management Software comprises 350+ videos of trained professors in bite-size to ease the preparation of topics. The lead instructors themselves are industry experts and award-winning recipients creating an effective learning environment. This is your one-stop-shop for the best CPA Classes in India.


High rate of Pass Percentage: Surgent has a pass rate of 88% guaranteeing students to pass the exam in one go.


Time-saving: With its ability of early detection of weaker areas in a candidate’s preparation. Surgent helps in reducing the average study time making one study relatively smart and exam-ready.


Therefore, the CPA classes of any good institute should be tuned in such a way that they do justice and prepare the candidates to gel well with the contents and enhance the skills to surpass the exam in one go.


With us, the class curriculum is curated in such a manner that offers a vibrant learning environment that values the time and effort of each CPA seeker and elevates their learning and knowledge to cope with the global requirements of the coveted by US CPA designation because our value is measured by the success of our students.