Choose the Best Apartment for Your Budget and Lifestyle

Author : Liz Jay | Published On : 29 Aug 2021

You’re considering moving into an apartment but when you browse through the listings online, you’re more confused as to how to choose the right unit and whether living in an apartment complex is right for your needs?

Apartments have become the top choice of property for singles, small families, and those who want an easy to maintain property. Another reason for seeking apartments to rent is because people want the convenience of a lock up and go in a secure complex.

Let’s take a closer look at what you should consider when you decide to move into an apartment.

Start By Considering Your Monthly Rent

When you browse through the various apartment listings online, set your preference according to your preferred range of rent. If you can afford around $1k per month, you might want to search for apartments between $800 and $1200 a month. It generates a broader range of results and you never know when you might find a less costly rental offering all the features you’re looking for.

Consider the Number of Bedrooms

Are you going to live alone and be on the go or are you planning a long term lease to accommodate your family or guests? One bedroom apartments are ideal for those who don’t want a lot of maintenance, prefer simple living, or don’t have too many guests staying over. One bedrooms are also great if you’re a student, a young couple, or want a place as a lock up & go.

Two to three bedroom apartments are pricier; however, it does give you a little bit of extra room, and if you have someone stay over, it gives everyone more privacy. You’ll need to really think about whether a higher rent justifies having an extra room.

Security and Parking

We all want a safe place to stay and while some apartments look great, it’s not necessarily secure. If you have a vehicle, find out where you’ll be parking. Some units only offer on-street parking, so your car is never inside the complex or block itself. Others may charge an additional fee to rent a parking bay. Also think about where your guests will park when visiting.



Narrow Your Search and Visit the Apartment

A necessary part of picking an apartment is looking at the property itself. Pictures can be misleading so you don’t want to secure the rental only to be disappointed on move in day. Start the process by narrowing your search results, pick 3 units you’re interested in and then contact the landlord or management to schedule a walkthrough. Look at the size, the layout, the features, the traffic, and how it fits your lifestyle.

Maintenance Check

Every apartment that you visit should be neat and clean. There shouldn’t be paint peeling off the walls, large crowds hanging around the complex, or visible trash. 

Choose Carefully 

Never feel pressured into choosing an apartment. You'll be signing a lease for at least a year so you want to be comfortable and happy. Compare features, amenities, and costs to help you decide.