Cheetah Miner F9s Brings a Revolution in Bitcoin Mining.

Author : AS SEO | Published On : 03 May 2021

(May 3, 2021): 'Mining' bitcoin is a fundamental process for the proper functioning of the blockchain. But the "miners" (or miners) are facing a decline in earnings and higher costs, while the competition continues to increase. Mining traditionally involved the extraction of gold and other metals from the ground; however, today we have a new type of mining, which involves the search for a decidedly different "treasure".


Bitcoin miners, who use hi-tech computers instead of shovels and picks, are vital for the functioning of the cryptocurrency platform: they carry out all the computing operations related to the blockchain and verify the thousands of transactions made every day by users, they take care of the protection of the network against possible hacker attacks, track trading activities and also take care of the creation of new currencies to be placed on the market.


The Cheetah Miner F9s happens to be one of the miners having great options.  It has Crypto Algorithm of SHA256/BTC/BCH/BSV, It is used for BTC/BCH/BSV coins. Its hash rate is 100T ±5% and it has the power Consumption of 3500W ±5%. With rated voltage of 11.6~130V and outer box size of L 340 * W 180 * H 240 MM this is the perfect choice. Its working temperature is 0 ° C to 40 ° C and its network connection is Ethernet. The wright of the machine is 13.8KG. All in all, this is the best choice for the bitcoin miners.


About Cheetah Miner F9s:

It is a Bitcoin miner having the best options and features that come handy in the process of mining. The miner is has the best options.


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