Car Dealers in Townsville: Three Questions You Should Always Ask Your Car Dealer

Author : Carmichael Ford | Published On : 22 Sep 2021

Buying a car is a big decision, so if you want to get a good deal, then you need to ask your car dealer a few questions. Whether you plan to buy new or previously owned, car dealers in Townsville should be ready to answer any question you may have, particularly when it comes to financing your vehicle.

Car Dealers in Townsville: Three Questions You Should Always Ask Your Car Dealer

1. What Are Your Latest Offers?

At a dealership, there are usually two different types of offers you can ask about. National offers are the latest offers on specific brands that are being pushed by the manufacturer, which generally means a discount or a lower drive away price on brand new vehicles.

Dealership offers, on the other hand, are usually focused on used vehicles. For these offers, the dealership is trying to move cars off the lot, so you can usually find a better drive away price for these vehicles. By asking about the latest offers, you can browse cars you might not have otherwise planned to look at - and that could be the key to purchasing your dream car.

2. What Are Your Finance Offers?

Asking about finance offers is the best way to sort out the budget you will need for your vehicle. When you ask a car dealer this question, they will generally direct you to the finance department, where you can check your finance score, submit a fiance enquiry, and check out the specific loan offers the dealership can make.

Usually, drivers are looking for consumer loans, which have fixed interest rates but more flexible loan terms. With this type of finance offer, you can make a big downpayment up front or agree to a balloon payment at the end of your car lease to finalize the purchase of your vehicle. Of course, if you're buying a car for your business, you can also ask about a chattel mortgage or other business loans for automobiles.

3. Do You Have Trade-In Valuation?

The number one way to make the most bang for your buck is to ask about any trade-in valuation you may have on your current vehicle. A trade-in is essentially when the dealership buys your old vehicle from you and uses that cost to lower the sticker price on your new vehicle.

This common strategy is the easiest way to secure a good deal for your new car. When you combine trade-in valuation with other finance offers, you can significantly lower your interest rate, term limit, and monthly payments.

For most drivers, the top question they need to ask a car dealership is about the financing of a vehicle. Whether you are asking about the latest offers from the dealership or taking the time to meet with the finance department, these questions can help you outline a buying strategy that won't break the bank. Be sure to ask about trade-in valuation for your old car, as well, since this can significantly improve the overall cost of your new car purchase.