Cannabis and Where to Buy it?

Author : wholesale bud | Published On : 16 Apr 2021

Cannabis or Marijuana is a plant used for medicinal and recreational purposes. Cannabis products are derived from the leaves, stem, flowering parts, and seeds of the Cannabis Sativa plant. Cannabis contains more than 120 cannabinoids. The most evident ones among all are Cannabidiol (CBD) and Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC increases the release of Dopamine in our body by activating specific Cannabinoid stimulators.

Many popular strains of Cannabis are used for different purposes. Two of the most traditional strains that appear in Cannabis Plants are the Indica and Sativa strains. Sativa plants are generally taller and sport a light green color, and the buds have a loose structure. Indica plants are short and have thick leaves, with the color being darker than the Sativa. They tend to have tighter bud formations. Sativa dominant strains generally produce what is known as Cerebral High. It elevates our energies and also stimulates our brain. It results in High creativity, a better understanding of perspectives, and a euphoric feeling at the same time. It generally makes us want to work. Indica Dominant strains do the complete opposite of what the Sativa Strain does. They produce what is known as Body High. It makes us want to relax and release all our tension. Because of this, they are used to treat Insomnia. The combination of these two main strains produces more than 700 different strains. Some of the most popular strains produced are 9 pound Hammer, Acapulco Gold, AK-47, Berry White, Blueberry, Cherry Pie, Durban Poison, and many more.

Buying Cannabis is very tricky as there are very few reliable sources. The laws and various stringent make it much harder to get the type of Cannabis strain you want. Though it is illegal to have Marijuana in possession in some states, many states have declared it legal for its medicinal uses. But due to various new ventures buying Marijuana has become simpler.

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