Can you buy weed online in Canada?

Author : James Adam | Published On : 08 Aug 2021

As the laws and regulations for cannabis use continue to evolve, there are more and more ways to buy weed online in Canada. It is important to know if these sites are legal or not as you could be risking your safety by engaging with a potential scam site. This article will help navigate the murky waters of buying weed online in Canada.

Canada has legalized recreational marijuana, but there are some important things to know before you buy weed online. 

The Canadian government is in charge of the country's cannabis laws, not individual provinces or territories. For example, Quebec can only offer medical cannabis at retail stores and via a mail-order system for those who cannot travel to obtain it.

As such, Quebec residents cannot purchase pot on the internet like other Canadians can – they'll have to go elsewhere if they want that option. 

In Ontario, individuals must be 19 years old or older to buy cannabis from a store and grow plants from seedlings indoors at home as long as these activities take place in a private residence with no more than four plants per household (not including flower).  


Buy weed online in Canada

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