Can Lipomassage Get Rid of Fat and Cellulite successfully?

Author : Red Carpet Queen | Published On : 13 Sep 2021

Some 80-90% of women in some point of their lives will suffer from cellulite or dimpled appearance.  It is common for women to get these lumpy forms owing to various reasons on their tummy, thighs, arms and other parts of their anatomy. So if some of you have this, you are not alone. It mostly happens after pregnancy and cellulite formation is not harmful to health but it will certainly wreck your body contours. A shape which is disfigured can hardly boost the morale of a woman especially when she is active in the social circle or in the protocol business. For them the endermolift near me is the right avenue to approach as it will get rid of unwanted fat using non-invasive procedures such as massage.

The massage known as Lipomassage has proved effective in doing away with the excessive fat with sure fire efficiency. The dimpled look of your flesh is the result of fat and the interconnecting tissues as most fat deposits will be found between them. This obviously results in to fat pushing skin up and forming dimples. It can be ironed out with Lipomassage and positive results are found from day one.

How Lipomassage works?

Lipomassage or endermolift is well suited on body parts where fat deposits usually tend to build up and turn in to cellulite. This would include stomach, buttock, legs, thighs, upper arms and other parts. The procedure of LPG Endermologie needs no significant preparation and the therapist will only ask you to wear the garment which is right for the treatment. It is only provided to protect your privacy and make you comfortable. It is important for the patients to be well hydrated before starting the treatment and should engage in physical activities pre and post Lipomassage. The procedure uses motorized rollers with suction and the Endermologie therapist or technician will move the rollers all over the dimpled parts in a concerted action and knead and break the fat deposits. The sessions can long from 34 to 45 minutes and some therapists offer the 15 minutes massage versions. That will depend on the type of massage heads they wield during the procedure. Some minor bruising may be experienced if the subject’s skin is sensitive otherwise it is like a relaxing massage that you will start liking very much. 

This lipomassage treatment may or may not work instantly. For some the treatment will show results from the starting for others it may take up several sessions before results are noticed. However it has been noted that the effect of the massage is found to last for 12 months or few more years. It is not a permanent solution because it depends on an individual’s lifestyle, hormones, diet, age and other factors.