Can Ayurveda Help In Diabetes Control?

Author : Alexis Pelloe | Published On : 06 Sep 2021

Diabetes is not just a disease nowadays, but it has turned to be epidemic. The specific reason for attracting diabetes is food habits and less of exercise. Diabetes affects the normal working of a human body extensively, which can even lead to sudden life-threatening situations. The main cause of diabetes is the excessive intake of sugar that cannot break down into glucose, which is a simpler form of sugar. In case you are affected with diabetes, you might have to take insulin, which is an external process of breaking down the sugar.

With diabetes, one can experience fatigue, increased heartbeat and reduced healing power. With so much going on if, you are experiencing the same symptoms; you can actually use Ayurvedic medicine from a Melbourne clinic that is going to heal your issue holistically.

Yes, Ayurveda can heal diabetes through specific herbs. Ayurveda uses Saptrangi for treating diabetes that offers remedial effect. This is into used for years and its medical values have been extensively studied in Ayurveda labs where they extract the element and use it on patients. It is the bark of a tree that is capable to break down the sugar and reduce its percentage in blood.

The next herb that can treat diabetes includes Gurmaar which has blood sugar controlling element and has been in use for ages. It is the gymnemic acid molecules that help in the curing process. The process is very simple where the acid molecules bind the glucose particles and restricts them to enter the blood flow thus curing diabetes.

Another important element of Ayurvedic medicine in Melbourne that has the potential to cure diabetes is Vizaysaar. This is also the outer bark of a tree and has the potential to treat diabetes efficiently. The process of consuming the herb is a little different from what you expect. The bark is folded and shaped into a wooden glass. Water is poured into the glass and left over the night. In the morning, the water gets a brown tint, which is consumed. The entire process requires a month to come into effect. One has to use the same glass over a month and gradually the brown colour of the water starts to clear. This is where the herb loses its potential.

So, if you have diabetes and looking for a complete cure, look out for Ayurveda treatment for a positive result. The process may take time before you will see the difference, but the cure is permanent.

About the Author: This contribution has been made by Alexis Pelloe who has written a number of articles on Ayurvedic Medicine Melbourne and provides fruitful information.