Camping – A must to do activity

Author : Ronald Wilson | Published On : 14 Apr 2021

It is known as open-air activity which includes all night stays in a shelter like a tent or a recreational vehicle. Normally, People wanted to be with the nature along with recreational activities providing them fun and adventure. The night/ nights spent outdoors segregates camping from day-tripping and other similarly short-term leisure activities.

Camping is beneficial for health and strengthens the bonding with your friends and family.

Listed down are the top off-road tracks and destinations in Australia.

Sunshine Coast Hinterland, QLD– It is a lush rolling hinterland full of tourist attractions and adventure. Nearby you’ll find a waterfall, a lookout, a green camping area or a track leading off into the dense rainforest that defines the region.

The Tarkine, TAS -

Australia’s largest tract of calm-clement rainforest is a distinctive environment that is alive with animal and plant life. A naturally distinct and mostly undisturbed wilderness, the Tarkine is a mixture of rainforest, rivers, bare mountain ranges and plateaus, as well as cave systems that are globally significant.

Karijini National Park, WA -

It is a corner of the Pilbara region, a scenic beauty filled with gorges, waterholes, and unbelievably vibrant colors at every turn, it is difficult to miss any opportunity to click the beauty of this place. The park’s walking trails make its many marvels reachable to visitors, while its cool, deep pools make a perfect gift for muscles wearied by exploration.

Barrington Tops National Park, NSW -

Rolling ranges and prehistoric World Heritage-listed rainforest wait for those who explore into Barrington Tops National Park. Stretching from subtropical rainforest to truly alpine country at its highest elevations, the area is saturated with spectacular landscape that is amusing from the vantage point of a 4WD or the extensive hiking trails that cut through the region.

The Canning Stock Route -

For those willing for the trip ahead, the Canning provides up over 1600km of total solitude in the Australian Outback, endless by civilization and without even a fuel stop for the first 1000km. The track and its slender rib bed tracks, sandy dunes and all take between 2-3 weeks to navigate at a reasonable pace, offering travelers loads of time to submerge themselves in stretch of outback.

Hybrid Caravans, Hybrid Campers, Off-Road Camper Australia, 4X4 Campers are required to be carried by every individual member of the party.


People need few basic things before they start their trip. Because these items are must to carry on each trip, it is always advised to arrange these things when allocating your camping-gear financial plan. Like sleeping bag, water bottle, flashlight, multitool, survival kit. Few things are required for the whole camping party like tent, Water purifier, camp stove, first aid kit, Mess kit, Map.