Buying Guide: How to Pick Your Ideal Hiking Socks

Author : aiden doni | Published On : 03 May 2021

You’re raring to go on your first or second hike. You’ve already picked out the mountain and trail. You’re telling your buddies that as soon as it’s possible, you and the rest of the gang are headed that way. They better be ready. But are you? If you’re packing up for that trip, do you have everything you need? What about your socks? Here’s a guide to buying the socks you need for that hike.

Consider the Weight

You’re going to be on the move. You’ll be packing along a bag, one that you wouldn’t want to weigh you down. No matter how light your bag is, after walking for hours, even light-weight bags feel heavy. That’s why it’s important to pick lightweight hiking socks. These are essential. If you don’t want anything weighing you down, shop for your socks carefully.

Check the Weather

However, aside from the weight, the weather conditions also matter. If you’re heading into a mountain where the weather is hot and dry, then lightweight socks are the best. But if you’re heading into a mountain where it’s rainy or nearly winter, then you’ll need heavier socks. They provide excellent comfort and warmth. They also typically come with additional cushioning. That means the ball of your foot and the heel receive extra support, helping your feet stay comfortable on long hikes.

Look for Moisture Control

Hiking for hours can leave your feet sweaty. If you have that problem, why not invest in several pairs of socks that wick moisture effectively? That way, they can keep your feet dry. That also prevents odor from your feet. Sweaty feet plus socks that don’t wick moisture aren’t a good combination. If you want to do away with the odor, switch to a material like wool since it comes with water repellant properties.

Think About Size

When you pick socks, make sure they’re in your size. They might be a size or two smaller or bigger. That won’t be comfortable for you. If the fit is too tight, that could lead to blood circulation problems. If it’s too loose then it’ll mess up the fit with your shoes. Pick just the right size, so you’ll be comfortable during those hikes. That said, you’ll want to be careful about the sizing guide. Look at the figures and find out which sizes are a match with yours. You might be a size small when you shop at other brands and a size medium elsewhere.

Look for Reputable Shops

When you buy socks, make sure you get them from a shop with a good reputation. There are plenty of shops that send substandard products. It’s a good idea to check out the reviews and feedback from other buyers before you proceed. You’ll want to pay attention to complaints and issues, too. Do those complaints talk about the quality of the products? What about the shop’s customer service quality? Be sure to take those reviews with a grain of salt. Do extensive research to help you with your shopping decisions.