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Author : SHARIQ KHATRI | Published On : 14 Oct 2021

I believe it's great that Cam Newton is preparing on-going through all of the exercises at the combine. I also think he has small to lose and too much to gain in doing so. Produce number mistake, Cam Newton is really a bodily animal and will likely sparkle that week at the combine. Believe JaMarcus Russell with a better function ethic and way better feet and athleticism. There's one small warning however: It's not what we see of him on the NFL system this week-end that will establish where he ultimately ends up being drafted.

It doesn't matter how well he performs in the drills, it's how he does on the psychological screening and the in-patient interviews when he trips groups afterwards that will eventually establish where he stops up. It could come as a shock for some that many clubs could have hardly any interest in all of the allegations that swirled about and dedicated to his dad this past season. In reality, many may possibly look at how he treated that adversity and extended to prosper as a positive. It showed he's the capability to compartmentalize his life and keep external issues, unrelated to the playing of football, from affecting his performance. That is an underrated ability and one that groups usually can't discover about a player till after they've been drafted.

One of the issues that groups will undoubtedly be concerned with relate solely to how much he's developed since he left the School of Florida. Were his problems at Texas an easy question of maturation, or Cam Newton  they greater seeded problems associated with his personality? The personality catalog checks he is going to be taking at the combine will give each team plenty of information because regard. These tests are created to discover refined contradictions and are not simply fooled. They famously gave a clear sign that Peyton Manning would be a potential Hall of Famer and Ryan Leaf would have been a flop. They are perhaps not infallible, but people who dismiss what they claim, achieve this at good peril.

With no the main benefit of viewing the outcomes of the shortly to be studied checks, I would state there is nothing to suggest Newton is likely to be yet another Ryan Leaf. He appears to really have the desire, perform ethic and competitive talent required to acquire the emotional edge essential to achieve the NFL. If I had to compare his risk level to a current NFL quarterback I would assess his chance compared to that of Dan Roethlisberger. All of us know Mary can play the game; it's a concern of whether his measures far from the area will get in the way.