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Author : Brihaspati Dham | Published On : 21 Nov 2022

Puja is a Hindu religious ceremony that involves praying to God and performing various rituals to please the deities. For many people, establishing a spiritual connection with a higher power is the primary goal of performing Puja. In addition, by performing a puja, a person can bring in good vibes, boost their self-esteem, and bring in more money and good fortune.


Pujas are rituals undertaken to appease deities, gain their favor, or accomplish a goal. People perform various pujas for various reasons, including but not limited to inner calm, physical wellness, worldly success, and spiritual enlightenment. Protecting oneself from harm is easy with the help of Shanti pujas and dosh nivaran pujas. Performing pujas regularly is a potent and efficient step toward enlightenment. Since pujas are so important, regular pujas and special online pujas are performed on different occasions and events.



Vedic Puja- The Ultimate Connection To Divine

India is well-known as a melting pot of countless cultural traditions. Religions of all stripes flourish here, each using its own unique set of practices to connect with the ultimate Divine. Because of the advent of online culture, Hindu (Vedic) puja services are now also available online. In a broader sense, Vedic pujas are rituals for special events and celebrations, including birthdays, weddings, and the beginning of new careers. In addition, home, temple, and official social event inaugurations are appropriate for performing rituals. Nigama rituals, which do not involve the presence of a deity image or idol but involve fire, are one sort of Vedic Puja, while Agama rituals, which involve such images or idols, are another.


Aligning oneself with the Universal forces that lead to the Divine is at the heart of a Hindu (Vedic) puja. To do this, Pundits will execute a puja or ritual based on the Vedas. Therefore, only a Pundit well-versed in Vedic rituals and knowledge should execute any Puja or rite. 


The online puja services provided by Brihaspati Dham are carried out by a group of enlightened and knowledgeable pundits or priests who are well-versed in Vedic rituals and practices. Pujas performed in the presence of well-informed priests or pundits are said to end a devotee's karmic cycle, bring good fortune, dispel evil thoughts and feelings, purge one's soul of sins, and restore one to their original state of purity.


We Offer A Vast Range Of Online Puja Booking

Besides performing Brihaspati Havan, Brihaspati Vrat Udyapan, Brihaspati Mantra Ka Jap, Brihaspati Ji Ka Maha Abhishek, Nitya Shringar, Homes etc., a plethora of other pujas can all be done in virtual space. Various rituals are carried out to ensure prosperity, such as the Nitya Arti, Vishnu Sahastranaam, Rudrabhisek Puja, and Satchandi Puja, all based on scriptural guidelines. The most famous online Puja bookings are the ones dedicated to Lord Brihaspati, Vishnu, Laxmi, and Ganesh. Siddhi Pujas, Jaaps, and paths are also available, including the Lakshmi Mantra Siddhi Japa and the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra Siddhi Japa, among others. In addition, Dosh Nivaran pujas, such as the Shani Dosh Nivaran, Pitra Dosha Nivaran Puja, Kaal Sarp Dosh Nivaran Puja, and others, are performed to counteract the adverse effects of doshas or planetary or divine afflictions.


Pujas connect with the Divine and structure our beliefs, goals, and purpose in life. You can perform an online Puja (from anywhere in the world) from our Puja services for you and your family through an effortless online booking procedure.


The Key Advantages of Virtual Puja At Brihaspati Dham


  • We follow authentic Vedic rituals when doing Pujas online.

  • Your own private, one-on-one Puja, conducted online, only for you and your loved ones, and not as part of a larger community or group Puja.

  • Your family members (son, daughter, etc.) and anybody you'd like to include in the Puja (spouse, parents, gotra, etc.) are also requested.

  • Children's identities, addresses, and the like will be kept private. A parent or other family member can pay for online puja services in their name.

  • We only utilize the finest incense, puja samagri, and flowers in our rituals.

  • You can choose to join the Puja at our Jaipur temple in person. Or, the video of the entire puja procedure will be sent to you via e-mail or other means.

  • An experienced Brahmin priest or pundit from our group will perform the Puja for you according to the 'vidhi,' including the recitation of Sanskrit 'Shlokas,' to request divine favor for you and your loved ones.


Brihaspati Dham is the most authentic service provider when it comes to Online Pujas. The process of organizing an online Puja is simple. Upon your request, we will schedule a Puja on your behalf. Send us your contact information and book our services online.