Boxing As a Fitness Regime

Author : Max Taylor | Published On : 22 Mar 2021

An outboxer needs more practise in body movement that works a lot towards staying fit and active. Practising stance that allows the strong body part to be used for defending –like for counterpunch, will let the weaker body part get more practise to become stronger. During the fight you will have to use the stronger arm for the punches but the other arm has to become stronger too.

After boxing lessons in Wollongong practise more on the power of the punch. Usually the one who uses the right hand, the left leg should be put forward so that the right hand gets more power the further it is, but while practising the left hand should also be given a chance to be strengthened. To get more power in the left hand while practising, keep the elbows tucked. The weight of the body should be carried by the balls of the feet.

During the fight as the stronger hand is mostly kept away to add force to the punch, the weaker hand is used more because that is close to the opponent. Practising jab is therefore important, not only for the fight, but also to strengthen the overall body.

In the boxing lessons in Wollongong when cross is practised the legs and torso is used to exert force. You have to concentrate on making the footwork better and swift for this. As the stronger hand is used here it covers more distance with more power. This works a lot towards strengthening the torso and the legs.

When you join a boxing fitness classes in Wollongong you will be trained on different stances apart from these –like jab, cross and hook. These can be combines to get an effective fighting stance and at the same time a workout for the whole body. The mixes can be of a jab and a hook, or a jab and a cross repeating each to get an effective fighting technique. For example, Jab cross hook, or a jab hook cross. Mix can be added on more like a jab cross hook cross, or a jab cross jab cross hook so that your arms respond to your opponents attack for any situation called for in the fight. To gets the stance right let the non dominant hand practise power punches more. You start with lesser duration for the non-dominant side first and gradually increase it as you may not always get to counter your opponent’s attacks with cross. You also use cross for countering attacks only, practising hook and jab with the non-dominant hand will strengthen this part of the body. Choose a boxing fitness classes in Wollongong that will train you according to your requirement, whether it is for fighting or for staying fit.

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