Boulder Opal Jewelry

Author : Marry Anderson | Published On : 14 Oct 2021

Opal is one of the most precious gems. Opel jewelry is as popular as diamond, sapphire, ruby ??and emerald jewelry. However, its popularity is growing faster than other gemstones.

This is because opal has some of the most beautiful gemstones available. And although most people have probably heard of black, white and fiery opals, boulder opals are probably less familiar.The body colors of these gemstones originate from the host rock where they are formed and are classified as black, gray, white, fire opal ring, crystal or jelly. Despite this, opals actually display a variety of colors, including pink, burning orange, tropical blue, and others. However, they are most valuable for their interior color and burning opacity. In a good gemstone, the effect is like a rainbow display on the surface of a soap bubble.


It is made up of silicon dioxide, so its physical structure is very different. The great color play created on it has added a different dimension to the opal.Opal jewelry has a unique physical structure. They are composed of silicon dioxide, which is the main component of sand. In opal, however, silicon dioxide forms minute spheres that are grouped into a pyramid-shaped grid. And tiny droplets of water get stuck in this grid in the form of opals. The value of the color seen in an opal comes from cracks and defects in this pyramid structure. And although it is the same for all opals, not all opals are the same.Like 95% of opals used in jewelry worldwide, boulder opals are found in Australia. However, instead of digging in the conventional way, these specific opals spread thinly over a wide area of ??Australian ironstone, also known as boulder country. Under natural conditions, gemstones are made to fill cracks and fissures in iron ore.Unlike black, fire, white and gray opals that are easily cut from their host rock, iron opal stone opals are so closely associated with it and sometimes for thin tracks as they fill cracks in the rock so that they cannot be easily cut from their host rock. . It was initially a stumbling block that prevented these gorgeous gems from taking their rightful place in opal jewelry.However, nowadays, the gemstone is always cut from stone as some brown hosts include Ironstone rock, which creates very beautiful and highly unusual pieces, perfect for fine jewelry! Today these opals are very popular and there is a high demand for jewelry. Since opal veins are often made in the freeform method, the resulting boulder opals are often in irregular baroque shapes, suitable for earrings or pendants.