Body Composition Exercises for All Shapes and Sizes

Author : Lilo Strong | Published On : 14 May 2022

The only body you should be looking for is your own. These body composition exercises will help you achieve your ideal healthy weight and build strength.

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Your silhouette belongs only to you. No matter how much your body looks like someone else's, your physical makeup is arranged differently. To achieve the healthiest weight, it's important to answer two questions: what is body composition and are there body composition exercises that can help you achieve your health goals?

According to UC Davis Health, in its most basic form, body composition is the percentage breakdown of fat, bone, and muscle. Compared to the simpler BMI, which does not distinguish between essential and dangerous fats and does not take into account lifestyle, genetics and existing conditions, the assessment of body composition takes into account the fat compared to muscle mass. Knowing this indicator allows you to better assess your health and therefore, a more precise plan to be healthier.

There are many ways to perform a body composition analysis, including bioelectrical impedance, which releases a small electrical current through the body and uses the voltage to calculate its resistance. These monitors can be purchased through their user-friendly online shopping platform.

Once you've measured your body composition, you can work with your doctor and trainer to create a fitness program that will help you reach your target weight. However, to get things going, here are some exercises that anyone can do, regardless of lifestyle or fitness level.

Burn the Burpees
Burpees are popular (or hated, depending on who's doing the exercise) because they're very intense, meaning you only need to do them for a short time and don't require any equipment. They can also be adjusted in intensity. Considered an explosive workout, burpees also burn calories and build strength.

Run at Intervals
Running is great for training, but if you want to burn more, try switching to interval training. Once you've warmed up and stretched enough, start slowly on the treadmill. Take a 30-second walk at 4 mph, then immediately climb to 8 mph for one minute. Do this alternately for 10 minutes in total. Interval training will keep your heart rate elevated and your body burning calories until you leave the machine.

Rotate your Workouts
Some people are more inclined to exercise for cardiovascular fitness, while others prefer strength training. The ideal solution is to find a balance between the two, not only to allow time for your muscles to recover, but also to work your whole body. For example, you can spend Monday in spinning classes or a brisk jog to start the week. On Wednesdays you can do circuit training. Maybe you pump iron on Fridays. Weekends can be reserved for fun body composition exercises that bring together a bit of all three.

Come in and get 50!
Did you know that actor and athlete Derek Ramsay swears by the effects of this classic exercise? In numerous interviews, he attributed his figure to his daily practice of 100 push-ups. You don't need to go that far. You can start small and modified (with your knees on the ground) until you build strength. Push-ups are great for improving core and arm muscles.

When working on the ground or using equipment, disinfect your skin, especially your hands. In addition to your towel and headband, your gym bag should always be filled with sanitizer. Lifebuoy Total 10 Hand Sanitizer comes in a comfortable travel size that doesn't increase your load. It also contains 62% ethyl solution, which is higher than the 60% recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Incorporate squats into your daily activities
Make your squats more explosive by jumping from the bottom position. Do this repeating for 45 seconds, then pause for 15 seconds before repeating. Do five reps. You can add it to your regular training sessions or include it in your daily routine, for example when you have to pick up your baby's toys. Squats challenge your core and lower body, but adding pullovers at the end will make them more intense and help you burn more calories.

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Forget looking at someone's body as an ankle. Listen to yours and learn to align your fitness goals with your unique physical makeup. A perfect body is a healthy body, and these body composition exercises will help you achieve it.