Best ways to Vacation in a National Park

Author : Tasleem Ansari | Published On : 12 Oct 2021

National Park of Historic Value

Jim Corbett Park located in the state of Uttarakhand holds a historic value. A British hunter and a naturalist Jim Corbett influenced the beginnings of this national park. Jim Corbett national park has proudly been a resident of wide flora and fauna. This wildlife sanctuary has been a safe haven for flocks of birds and animals.

It has a rich diversity. Not only is the park a home to animals and birds, but it is also grassland and a landscape filled with rivers. This haven has been made possible for tourists to witness.

Getting to the national park is possible via different routes. A small town called Ramnagar has a route to the national park. It has a distance of about 15 kilometres.


Home Stays and Activities

The land that covers the park is wide and therefore, there are designated zones and areas. As a tourist, you might want to know where to stay. This is important especially if you are planning to indulge in safari rides. Jim Corbett National Park has a different set of booking packages. Those interested can try and explore whichever suits their need.

Dhikala, Jhirna, Bijrani, and the Dhela are forests rest houses that you can book for your stay. There are also sets of the budget tour and a range that goes up to a premium tour. The tours that you choose can include different elements of entertainment or activity. A musical performance can also be expected as entertainment. 


Different Safaris to Try

When we say activity, of course, we cannot forget the most important of all. A safari around the park is what makes you fully indulge in the trip. You can book the safaris online and connect with whichever you desire. Jim Corbett Park jeep safari booking much like the other safari rides is made easy. Here are no jargons involved.

You can book by typing in your name and contact details. You can input the information which includes the number of visitors. Specifications like adults and children can also be mentioned. You can confirm the booking after adding the preferred date to visit. 

  • Jim Corbett Park elephant safari


  1. Any visitor can choose the elephant safari within availability. A payment of Rs. 3500 is required for a single elephant ride. The payment is not per head basis. The price for foreign nationals remains the same.
  2. This single ride can hold 4 people.
  3.  Two zones, Sitabani and Dhikala are available, where you can opt for the elephant safari.
  4. There are schedules for morning set and evening set. These standard procedures are required and the safety protocols are important.
  5. Morning schedule is from 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM. Whereas, the evening schedule can start from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM.


  • Jim Corbett Park canter safari


  1. The canter safari is a larger vehicle experience. It will hold more people and for single travellers, it might seem ideal.
  2. The cost of the booking is Rs. 1600 per passenger. Foreign nationals will have to pay Rs. 3000 per person.
  3. The zone for this canter safari ride is the Dhikala zone.
  4. The canter can hold 16 passengers for the trip.
  5. The timing schedule given for the canter ride is morning and evening. The morning hours are from 5:30 AM and till 11:30 AM before noon. The evening rides are from 1:00 Pm and goes till 7:00 PM.  


  • Jim Corbett Park jeep safari


  1. Jim Corbett Park jeep safari booking is pretty much the same as any other ride. It is simple and there are no jargons to confuse any tourists.
  2. The cost is Rs. 4500 per jeep booking. The cost for foreign nationals comes at Rs. 7000 per jeep booking.
  3. The zone locations for jeep safari are Jhirna, Dhela, Durgadevi, Sitabani, and Bijrani.
  4. The morning timing for the jeep safari is 5:30 AM – 9:30 AM. The evening scheduled routine is from 2:00 PM- 6:00 PM.

Jim Corbett Park canter safari, Jim Corbett Park elephant safari, and the jeep safari will all guarantee a sight or two. You can spend and book them all, or decide on one. The safari overall will give a satisfying adventure.


Experiencing new Activity calls for a Superb Stay

The Jim Corbett National Park has a lot of flora and fauna to offer. The tours and safari rides will let you explore them. 600 species of birds can be witnessed through patient birdwatching. If you partook in birdwatching before, the abundance of species will be a treat. If you are simply a curious visitor, you can still be in awe of the inhabitants.

Birds like Lesser fish eagle, Ruddy shelduck, and Great hornbill are but a few of what you can come across. Animals like Indian pangolins, Chital, and Yellow-throated martens are also a sight you might come across. Reptiles can also make an entry into the scene. Here the landscapes are filled with forests and trees. Bamboos, climbers, shrubs, and more varieties of trees fill the historic location.

Grabbing a picture to create memories in such a nature can be one of the best ways to vacation.