Best Utility and High Performance with the Linzhi Phoenix

Author : AS SEO | Published On : 26 Mar 2021

(March 26, 2021): As the popularity of ETH mining is increasing, so is the demand for the ETH ASIC. Keeping in mind this demand, the Linzhi Phoenix has come up in the market with Linzhi Phoenix. It has the option for Mining at 2600mh/s +/- 5% only with 3000W power consumption; the product is truly one of the most powerful ETH miners presently in the market.


This is an integrated miner that happens to be an ETH mining device professionally with its support of the multi organisms. The assembling of the GPU Guards with high configuration as well as the compatible case that is customized and the professional rack, makes this miner perfect for effective mining.


This ASIC integrated miner happens to offer the best flexibility which is used with the multi-hashing algorithm mining. It offers a great variety of options for mining the cryptocurrencies that have experienced the surge and profit growths.


About Linzhi Phoenix: It is an ETH Miner with upgraded memory model with 8.8 GB memory installed. Its price is $10,850.00. The miner is an excellent one, offering the best quality and perfection in the whole process now.


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