Best Medical Coding Training Institute in Hyderabad

Author : Claxon Medical Coding Institute | Published On : 09 Nov 2023

Best Medical Coding Training Institute in Hyderabad

Medical Coding is a standard operative procedure documented in a coded format it is coded with 3 standard books which include standard procedure guidelines called medical coding.

Claxon Best Medical Coding and CPC Certification Training Institute in Ameerpet Hyderabad

Are you seeking a rewarding and in-demand career in the Best Medical Coding Training in Hyderabad? Here is where you need to be! The first step in revenue cycle management is medical coding, which involves using ICD 10, CPT, and HCPCS codes. US healthcare is snowballing, so Medical coders are becoming more important.

We have designed our Best Medical Coding Training Program in Hyderabad by experts who have years of experience in the United States healthcare industry. With this program, you’ll take comprehensive theory and practical classes as well as regular assessment tests Best Medical Coding training in Hyderabad, we provide a placement Guarantee for all Medical Coding students.

Claxon is the Top Medical Coding Training Institute in Hyderabad

Medical coding involves assigning standardised codes to medical diagnoses and procedures that are helpful in billing insurance companies and ensuring the accuracy of medical records. Medical coders typically work in hospitals, clinics, medical billing, and medical coding companies.

Are you seeking a rewarding and in-demand career in the best medical coding in Hyderabad? You are in the right place!









Claxon is the best medical coding training institute in Ameerpet, Hyderabad. Claxon offers you the best coding training, which Madhusudhan Reddy and Snigdha Reddy started.


Madhusudhan Reddy, who was the founder of Claxon medical coding training institute, and himself a pharmacy graduate, has 10 years of experience in teaching and has been an expert at teaching medical coding.

Snigdha Reddy, herself completed her master’s in pharmacy and has 8 years of experience in teaching medical coding.

Students under their teaching and guidance have cleared the CPC examination on their first attempt and got placed in well-known MNCs like Core Health, VEE technology etc.


Madhusudhan Reddy best medical coding and CPC certification teaching faculty in hyderabad

Top Medical Coding Courses:

Claxon offers you two courses. They are

  1. Certified professional coder (CPC)

  2. Speciality training


 1. Certified professional coder (CPC):

CPC training program gives the core knowledge that is required to clear the CPC exam, which was conducted by the American Academy for Professional Coders (AAPC).

 2 . Speciality Training:

  1. Evaluation Management (E&M)

  2. Emergency Department (ED)

  3. Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC)

  4. Surgery

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Best Medical CPC Certification Program:

Certified professional coder (CPC): The student who gets the CPC certificate will have access to get placed into the well-known MNCs and will have access to get higher hierarchical level jobs at entry levels.


Uses of certification: Better placements, better hierarchical level jobs at entry-level, more chances to get into MNCs, more pay,  Readmore.








Medical Coding Overview


Medical Coding Training in Hyderabad Course Content – 2023

Medical Coding in Hyderabad:

Overview of US Healthcare

Fundamentals of Medical


Viewing and reviewing EMRs

Human Anatomy



Main human body Systems and



Health Insurance Portability and

Accountability Act – HIPAA


International Classification of

Diseases – 10 – CM (ICD)



Current Procedure Terminology


3P’s of Healthcare

Patient Demographics

Microsoft Excel – Fundamentals

and basics

Microsoft Excel – Medical Chart


Basic and Advanced functions –

Vlookup, Hlookup, Charts, Pivot

Table, Insurance status, E & M.


Program Eligibility:

Any graduate or postgraduate in Life Sciences, B. Phrma/M. Pharma, DMLT, Physiotherapy, and Medical Transcriptionists. Graduates/postgraduates from Other streams can also join the training program provided they Learn the basics of human anatomy and medical terminology. 


Certification in Medical coding(Medical Coding Jobs):

Students who successfully complete Our Medical Coding Training Program receive a certificate of Completion. The certificate will include the student's name, the percentage of marks scored, and the date of passing. A full range of top-advanced Training sessions are offered for those wishing to sit for AAPC/AHIMA certification examinations. These include one-to-one training, daily tests, assistance with registration, online payment, and location of examinations. Medical Coding Overview

The Best Medical Coding Institute in Hyderabad



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Location: Hyderabad

Claxon Medical Coding Institute Hyderabad | CPC Certification Training Institute 

Address: KVR Enclave, 4 Th FLOOR, Flat#4C2, Hyderabad, Telangana



Other Important FAQs About Claxon Medical Coding Institute:

Q: What is the mode of conducting classes?

Ans: The classes will be in online and offline modes.


Q: How Frequently do you conduct exams for students?

Ans: Series tests on every alternative day and Mock Tests on every Saturday.


Q: How many classes will be conducted in a week?

Ans: 5 days of regular classes and an hour of mock tests will be conducted on Saturday.


Q: What is the Fee Structure of your institute?

Ans: 28,000 INR


Q: What is the duration of the course?

Ans: The duration of the course is Two and a half months (75 days).


Q: Who is eligible to study Medical Coding?

Ans: Any graduate or postgraduate in Life Sciences, B. Pharma/M. Pharma, DMLT, Physiotherapy, and Medical Transcriptionists. Graduates/postgraduates from other streams can also join the training program provided they learn the basics of human anatomy and medical terminology.