Best Indoor Plants for Home

Author : gromorfood nursery | Published On : 17 Aug 2021

A real and true gardener finds a way to grow plants even in a small place. And when plants can be grown in indoor spaces, a gardener becomes smarter and transforms indoor space into greenery and more beautiful. Furthermore, if you are looking for the online garden plants for your home, there is a list of some. Choose the plants you love, buy indoor plants online, and grow them with ultimate love and care. 

  1. Snake Plant: -

The name of this indoor plant is snake plant and this name might scare an unknown person. Though it is named a snake plant, it looks great in your home interior and purifies the air. However, the name of this snake indoor plant is due to its thin upright leaves that have irregular banding which just looks like the snakeskin. 

It is renowned as one of the best low-maintenance indoor plants and goes for a long one month without water. So, a beginner can better handle this indoor plant. The leaves of this snake indoor plant are spikey, sharp, and stiff, and thus, filters harmful chemicals in the air such as formaldehyde, xylene, trichloroethylene, benzene, and toluene. 


  1. Peace Lily: -

Growing indoor plants in your home needs extra care and special attention. If you have already experienced taking care of indoor plants, then you can buy plants online Hyderabad with no second thought. This indoor plant needs more attention and you need to keep the soil moist without over-watering. Adding to this, for the healthy growth of this peace lily indoor plant, place it in a shady and bright spot. 

However, if you have anyone in your home suffering from an allergy problem, then better to avoid buying the peace lily indoor plant online as it has pollen flowers. Furthermore, if you have no allergy problem, then this can turn out to be the best indoor plant for the bedroom as it provides oxygen and purifies air by eliminating formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene, and ammonia. 


  1. Bird’s Nest Fern: -

Bird’s Nest Fern is known to be the best-looking indoor plant due to its bright green ripple-edged fronds. It is renowned as the signature-looking indoor plant and thus, you can beautify your space by placing it in a hanging pot. This bird’s nest fern indoor plant thrives in a humid environment and also needs medium indirect light. 

Furthermore, if you have enough space in or near your bathroom with a window, then you can place it in that specific area. It is also known to filter chemicals like xylene, formaldehyde, and toluene and thus, purify the air in your home. 


  1. Spider Plant: -

Spider plants are known to have rich bushy–like leaves and if you want to create a jungle-like environment in your home or at any corner space, you can buy this spider indoor plant. Adding to this, you can also place this spider plant in your balcony area where there is no direct sunlight, but bright light. So, if you are planning to keep this plant in your indoor spaces, make sure that your home has big windows that allow bright light into the space. 



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