Best Growth Stocks to Invest in India 2024

Author : rakshak kkewadi | Published On : 09 Jul 2024


In a recent report by Bernstein brokerage house, four stocks have been identified as pivotal players in India's growth themes. Let's delve into the details of these stocks and understand the rationale behind Bernstein's recommendations.

 Muthoot Finance: A Bet on Financial Inclusion

Focus on Gold Loans

Muthoot Finance is a prominent player in the gold loan business, particularly in South India. Its strong market presence and loyal customer base contribute to its leading position in the financial inclusion sector.

Financial Performance

The company's financial health has significantly improved post-COVID, with consistent net profit growth since 2022.

Market Sentiment

Positive market sentiment surrounds Muthoot Finance, driven by its solid fundamentals and reputable management.

Technical Analysis

A significant breakout in the company's monthly chart suggests a promising growth trajectory, aligning with Bernstein's optimistic outlook.


Muthoot Finance is a compelling investment opportunity, offering strong financial performance and market presence in the financial inclusion sector.


Dixon Technologies: A Leader in Electronic Manufacturing Services


Market Leadership

Dixon Technologies dominates the Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) space with substantial market shares in key segments:

- 50% in LED televisions

- 39% in LED CFL lights

- 43% in washing machines


Business Segments

Dixon's comprehensive capabilities in electronic manufacturing are highlighted by its strong positions across various segments.

Financial Growth

The company has shown impressive financial growth, with consistent annual net profit increases reinforcing its robust financial health.


Broking House Perspective

Bernstein's endorsement of Dixon as a top EMS pick is based on its market dominance and consistent financial performance.



Dixon Technologies is a promising investment, with its leadership in various electronic segments and impressive financial growth.

Kaynes Technology: Riding the Wave of Diversified Manufacturing

End-to-End Manufacturing

Kaynes Technology specializes in end-to-end manufacturing for critical sectors such as auto, aerospace, defense, nuclear, medical, and railways.

Strong Client Relationships

Long-term client partnerships and a growing order book underscore the trust and reliability Kaynes has built.


Financial Performance

The company's quarterly data shows continuous improvement, reflecting strong sector-wide growth.


Technical Analysis

A potential breakout pattern in the weekly price action chart suggests a promising future for Kaynes Technology's stock performance.



Kaynes Technology stands out in the diversified manufacturing sector with strong client relationships and consistent financial growth, making it a compelling investment opportunity.


Sona BLW: Powering the Automotive Technology Shift


Advanced Automotive Systems

Sona BLW excels in engineering and manufacturing advanced automotive systems, positioning itself at the forefront of the automotive technology transformation.


Futuristic Products

The company innovates with products like hybrid and EV traction motors, gears, and assemblies, establishing itself as a leader in automotive technology.


Improving Order Book

Significant year-on-year order book improvement reflects Sona BLW's adaptability and strong market position.


Technical Analysis

The stock chart indicates a strong upward trend, aligning with Bernstein's positive perspective on Sona BLW's future in the EV sector.



Sona BLW is a key player in the automotive technology shift, making it a top pick for investors looking to capitalise on the evolving automotive sector.


These four stocks represent significant opportunities within India's growth themes, each with strong market positions and promising financial outlooks as highlighted by Bernstein brokerage house.