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Author : Atpac visa | Published On : 03 Apr 2024

Atpac Immigration sets itself apart from other immigration consultants through its dedication to providing comprehensive and personalized services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Here are some compelling reasons to choose Atpac Immigration for your Canadian immigration journey


Canada Immigration Pathways

Express Entry Program

Among the most well-liked and frequently selected pathways by skilled immigrants from India is this one. The previous first-come, first-served method was superseded by the Express entry system, which was introduced by the Canadian federal government in 2015.

All PR visa applications under the Express Entry system are electronically controlled and assessed, and candidates receive a score based on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The top scorers then get invites to apply for permanent residence visas in Canada.


Provincial Nomination Programs

A candidate may apply for a provincial nomination by demonstrating their interest in all Canadian provinces and territories if they plan to settle down in one of the country's provinces or territories or if their CRS scores are insufficient to be eligible for Express Entry.

The province evaluates an applicant's training, professional background, and soft skills before designating those who best fit the labor market or economic demands of the province. If you choose a PNP stream, you can apply directly through the application process or through the Express Entry aligned PNP stream.


Study Program

Another successful strategy for getting a Canada PR visa is to apply for a student visa and enroll in an international study program at a Canadian institution or college.


After receiving your degree in Canada, you have the option of living there permanently or working temporarily. After graduating, you'll need to obtain a work permit so that you can work in Canada and obtain necessary work experience. Eventually, this experience will help you to be eligible for permanent residency under the Canadian Experience Class immigration program offered by Express Entry.


Family Sponsorship Program

In Canada, the idea of "family reunification" is highly valued. The nation provides particular immigration pathways that provide citizens and permanent residents with an excellent chance to reconcile with their relatives.


A citizen or a relative of a person with permanent residence status in Canada may accompany them to live, study, or work there under the terms of the Family Sponsorship Program. Candidates may only sponsor certain family members to immigrate to Canada if:


They are at least eighteen years old:

They are citizens of Canada, permanent residents of Canada, or those who have registered as Indians under the Canadian Indian Act.


Why Choose Atpac Immigration?

Atpac Immigration has an excellent proven track record for assisting aspiring skilled workers and students in fulfilling their ambitions of immigration and visas to their desired countries. However, a lot of immigration advisors only discuss Canadian immigration services. The top immigration consultants for Canada in Delhi who hold associations or have been approved by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (IRCC). Here are some explanations as to why you ought to select our team of Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants in Delhi above others:

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