Best Artificial Intelligence Development Company in Dubai

Author : iDP Exhibition contractor | Published On : 21 Nov 2023

High-profile examples of AI include autonomous vehicles (such as drones and self-driving cars), medical diagnosis, creating art, proving mathematical theorems, playing games, search engines online assistants image recognition in photographs, spam filtering, predicting flight delays, prediction of judicial decisions, targeting online advertisements, and energy storage. With social media sites overtaking TV as a source for news for young people and news organizations increasingly reliant on social media platforms for generating distribution major publishers now use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to post stories more effectively and generate higher volumes of traffic.
AI can also produce Deep fakes, a content-altering technology. ZDNet reports, "It presents something that did not actually occur," Though 88% of Americans believe Deep fakes can cause more harm than good, only 47% of them believe they can be targeted.