Benefits of organizing a virtual magic show

Author : David Hog | Published On : 14 May 2021

A virtual magic show is an online arrangement where a local magician can scale up its operations and can approach millions of audiences worldwide. This is an emerging trend in the digital space wherein self-employed skilled individuals can showcase their individual skills at a reasonable cost. One such earning avenue is exhibiting a virtual magic show that can be very engaging and entertaining for the larger online digital content viewers. This provides a great earning potential along with an option to gain high popularity.

  • Low operating costs – A virtual magic show can be recorded and exhibited digitally or it can also be shown on one’s own online platform. The most significant benefit that a virtual magic show Singapore brings in is the high-cost efficiency as the cost of delivering performance for any local individual magician tends to be very minimal. Since no stage is to be organized and no expenditure is to be incurred on other objects and basic infrastructure a virtual magician can survive the competition by carving out a niche for himself. A low-cost model facilitated by virtual magic platforms provides greater sustainability for a virtual magician. 


  • The large audience at one time – A virtual magic show Singapore can target a larger audience as the show can be accessed by any person in the world. Hence, the viewership for any virtual magician is always expected to be very high thereby increasing the overall profitability for the magician.


  • Provide show viewing flexibility – Another benefit of a virtual magic show is that the audience has round-the-clock flexibility and consequently the audience can view or access the content at their own convenience. This round-the-clock flexibility to view the magic show helps the magician gain market share and retain the same by retaining a large audience base as a result of digital or online platforms.


  • Ability to earn in a big way – The shows can be indexed in a sequence and the audience can be charged a minimum fee for accessing the content. This provides a big earning potential for the magician. Also, if the viewership tends to be at par with international standards, then the magician will also start earning from advertisements displayed on the magician virtual magic platform.


  • The shows can be performed on a work from the home model - The shows can be performed and uploaded on the web server from anywhere. The magician has an added advantage in the form of performing, recording, and uploading the magic show by working from home. This provides the virtual magician a greater leeway to organize and exhibit the shows


  • The intellectual property rights in this belong to the virtual magician he also enjoys higher royalty – Since the virtual Singapore magician has complete control over costs and that does not have anything to the intermediaries, he has the privilege of huge earnings potential. Also, that the virtual magic show has nothing to do with seasonal marketing trends or business cycles, it is also a recession-proof earning show that also has the tendency to register consistent and stable revenue growth.


  • The virtual magician is his own boss – The virtual does not have to work under any boss or senior, nor does he have to associate with any other big magic show house. This helps establish the virtual Singapore magician as a popular brand and by means of which he can enjoy his own brand equity.

After having perused the above multiple benefits, it can be said that an online virtual magic platform has emerged as a popular means of entertainment whereby a local magician can showcase his skills to entertain, earn and enjoy higher brand equity.