Before, During, And After Your Airbrush Tanning

Author : Emma Remy | Published On : 03 May 2021

Things you should take care of and do if you want to make the most of the new tan, you should be aware of all the things. Beware of the things that are needed to be done beforehand, even during the appointment and afterward too. If you are going to the experts, you should take advice and guidance for the spray tan. Sun Kissed Tan in NYC is quite famous as people don’t have to struggle in the sun taking sunbath to get the perfect tan. You will find all these tips valuable for getting that flawless tanned look.

What to do Before Your Appointment?

The most important thing to be done before the appointment is to exfoliate your skin and remove all unwanted hair. Although don’t be tempted to leave these things until your appointment day, as this can give you an uneven finish. Hence, to achieve that flawless look you should exfoliate and remove your body hair the day before the appointment.

Before leaving for appointment keep in mind to avoid wearing makeup, perfume, or any cream and moisture, and rest leave to the tanning therapist. Also, wear dark color clothes to the appointment to avoid staining.

What to be done During Your Appointment?

To obtain the best spray tan effect, you need to talk to your technician. The tanning technician has the skills and expertise to help you get that flawless tan look, however, you need to talk about what look you want to achieve. Hence the technician will assess your skin tone to decide the best matching formula to complement your natural color. During the appointment, make sure to take notes of the guidance provided by the technician as to when to rinse off the product. Follow all the guidelines carefully for a long-lasting even tone tan.


What should you do After Your Appointment?

Remember to wear loose clothes after the tanning appointment. It’s really important to stay cool as you should remain sweat-free as moisture will cause the tan to look uneven. Also, take care of the time prescribed by the technician to rinse off the tanning product. Don’t use any soap and shampoo while rinsing and use the shower to rinse the tan off. Afterwards, pat your skin dry with a towel and moisture it.

You need to avoid chlorinated pools and hot showers for a couple of days to maximize the lifespan of your tan.

Hence, Airbrush Tanning in New York is the best way to give your body a natural tanning effect. You should always reach out to the expert for the procedure who has professional training in this as they will advise you in the best manner and provide a tan effect matching to your skin.