Businessman Arif Efendi on Crypto Investment

Author : Crawford Hussain | Published On : 16 May 2024

Arif Efendi was a businessman, and cryptocurrency investments were a valid investment. In this piece Efendi offers some of his learnings and tips.

Arif Efendi compares Cryptocurrency and stocks

Efendi starts by saying that it's important to understand the distinctions between stock and Cryptocurrency. Although they aren't the same, cryptocurrencies , like stocks share the same characteristics.

Cryptography records transactions and verifies the validity of these transactions using an uncentralized system, not of an authority central to the system. Stocks, on the other hand are securities that could be used to indicate the ownership of a particular portion of a business.

With an eye on capital appreciation the majority of people invest in Crypto and stocks to boost their wealth.

Cryptocurrency and Stocks: Why people buy them?

Stocks are bought for voting rights that can influence company decisions. Stockholders can also purchase shares to receive dividend payments.

With the new generation platform and other mobile investment apps, investing digitally in Cryptocurrencies and stocks has become more simple than ever before.

The process might appear like the same, however, there are some major distinctions. You can exchange Crypto directly on your smart device or smartphone through the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Additionally, you can trade crypto with other cryptocurrency trading pairs or currency.

Arif Efendi Talks Swing vs. Crypto

The cryptocurrency market could be more profitable than traditional currency trading because of its volatility.

With its massive market capitalization, Crypto can move by 5% to 10%. Smaller cryptocurrencies can rise by more than 10 times within a single day.

This is extremely rare on the stock market.

In 2021, if put $1000 into Solana at $1.837 the investment would be worth $182,000. That investment would be at the current trading price of $182.

The investment in cryptocurrency could be profitable if you're not a weak hand. The concept of cryptocurrency can be confusing for novices, but they are not regulated centrally.

The value of the product is determined by its cost, supply and demand and adoption and availability on exchanges.

How do you make cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency units are released into the world via mining, which typically involves validating transactions. While cryptocurrency mining may seem to be feasible for the average user however, it is becoming more challenging for proof-of-work systems such as Bitcoin.

According to Efendi that, as Bitcoin grows in complexity it will require more processing power. Bitcoin miners are responsible for verifying transactions and then adding them to the blockchain.

Arif Efendi For their work verifying transactions, miners are rewarded with Cryptocurrency. It requires a lot of energy to mine cryptocurrency by using proof-of-work.

Bitcoin mining draws electricity at a rate of 127 Terawatt-hours (TWh) that is higher than Norway's total electricity consumption.

The average person is not likely to earn Crypto by mining in a proofof-work system. Random selection is made on the basis of how much they stake. It requires less computing power.

To participate in the program, you must have an cryptocurrency and have nothing to lose even if you don't own an cryptocurrency.

A Brief Overview of Cryptocurrency Supply and Demand

Arif Efendi says that if demand for an asset grows faster than supply, then the price will go up.

The earthquake could cause price of water to rise in that area. Cryptocurrencies work on the same principle.

Nowadays, institutions, such as MicroStrategy as well as countries such as Ecuador, are placing bets on crypto currencies.

Arif Emendi Accepts the Risks

Similar to stocks, the worth of crypto fluctuates. Many would like to invest 100x in Crypto.

Although assets might not always yield a profit, it's vital to know when to sell or buy.

Warren Buffet said, "Be cautious when you see others being greedy and greedy when others are scared."

People working within the crypto space are usually fearful. If the cryptocurrency market is sagging and Tom, Dick, and Harry are all selling panic then it's the right time to buy it.

People who are worried or anxious could risk losing their money. Arif Efendi It is important to list the cryptocurrency that you want to invest in, and then wait for the red candles.

Another excellent time to buy is on weekends, when institutional investors end their weekly trades.

There is no need for an investment broker to invest in traditional methods of investing. Crypto can be bought from your own home.

Arif Efendi’s Recommendations

On you can choose among various cryptocurrency.

Arif Efendi has always loved Solana (SOL), then AVAX as well as POLIS as well as ATLAS.

It's now simpler than ever before to keep track of your favorite coins. Tabtrader is an app that allows you to monitor each swing and determine the best time to invest or profit. It is possible to withdraw cryptocurrency, collect airdrops or store it in wallets like Trustwallet as well as Imtoken. It is crucial to secure it with strong passwords.

Remember your 12-word word phrase to ensure asset recovery in the event that the host device fails.

The Future of Cryptocurrency

It is evident that Cryptocurrency has taken the globe by storm. Bitcoin and Ethereum have led the cryptocurrency revolution. But many people wonder what Cryptocurrency's future will be.

It is obvious that Cryptocurrency will increase in acceptance and popularity in the near future.

Cryptocurrency is a great option to invest in because it is going to be more widely adopted.

We can also expect to see more innovative ways to use cryptocurrency technology, because the technology behind it continues to improve. Cryptocurrency investment and Cryptocurrency themselves appear attractive.

One reason is that Cryptocurrency is not subject to any currency regulation. This means Cryptocurrency is now accepted in more countries and used by more people.

Cryptocurrency is not controlled by any government or organization. This makes it more able to withstand financial crises.

Cryptocurrency is a scarce currency This means its value is expected to rise as time passes. Cryptocurrency is an excellent long-term investment.

All of this information could be used to establish your bank account, so you can conduct transactions anywhere you want to.

Perhaps you'll be able to provide enough return on investment to your charity of choice.

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