Beauty Or Beast?

Author : home improvement233 | Published On : 04 May 2021

Are your looks worth dying for? In a recent study it was greatly noted that HIV patients are ready to risk their health by not accepting Aids drugs that cause Lipodystrophy. They would rather die than experience sunken and gaunt faces, big abdomens that look to be an overdue pregnancy, big waists, breasts, fat pockets at the groin region and buffalo humps on the back and behind the neck. Additionally, it causes fat deposits in the blood stream that cause the heart to pump harder putting one in danger for open heart operation. It's deformity of obesity together with the fat deposits not burning with routine diet and workout as your entire body distributes fat deposits with hideous results. Are appearances that important? According to those patients, this side effect is worst than the HIV virus . serostim 6mg    would like to keep their look the way it's than go on the medications that treat you with a price. They do not want to pay it off in appearances!

It is all for Beauty and zilch for getting a Beast that will get them shunned and scorned in the homosexual community. The vanity variable wins! Then let's not forget about the emotional trauma a individual goes through during a life altering experience. The person has to learn to cope with the situation without sacrificing their thoughts! Going from Body Beautiful to the unbelievable Bulk full with ripping clothes and popping buttons is a major freak out. So is it better to die first? Is the thought of not having the ability to wear yellow again since people will yell;"Hey Taxi!" Initially there were no treatments for lipodystrophy and physicians did not have a clue on what it was or what caused it. The Pharmacy Industry refused to shoot any of the blame with some of them financing research to back up them. There are remedies available with decorative surgery being among these. Are the treatments worth it? I asked my best friend who's suffering from lipodystrophy and he remarked the following:"There are other medicinal paths now, that allegedly, do not contribute to lipo. I am on kalitra, agenerace, and ziagen. My hump has appeared to have stopped growing, but will now need to be removed with a plastic surgeon. The injectable, serostim, didn't help me, in fact made matters worse, as much as soothes inflammation. My joints have been swell and aching way too much, for me to continue this unaffective therapy. I hope that these few words can help." We are back to damn if you do, and damned in the event that you don't! The essential factor here is dealing with it and finding a remedy that works. The Medical profession is still uncertain on what causes this and they do not have an accurate count on how many people suffer from it. That is another one of the things that is being retained hush-hush to avoid hell, havoc, and pandemonium from breaking out. With people opting to chunk their meds with Departure camping in their doorstep, I can see why. Because of finger pointing and confusion on the subject, you the dear public are being lead to believe that the cases are few. They're not!. 

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