Balance Bike for Christmas! – Kinderfeets Balance Bike

Author : raz smiths | Published On : 25 Nov 2021

This time there is a Kinderfeets bike Mini to be won just in time for Christmas. This is the smallest, three-wheel models from Kinderfeets - and it is really mini: It has 10 (!) Inch wheels and fits from an inner leg length of 24 cm. That corresponds to a body size of only approx. 67 centimeters. It is therefore equally suitable for children who are still relatively young for their age, as well as for early starters who are particularly talented in terms of motor skills. In any case, the children's bike finder doesn't know a smaller balance bike. And certainly not a small one with a handbrake. The Kinderfeets Mini even has them.

But now I will first let Kinderfeets Bikes have their say, which will first give you 10 good arguments why a balance bike is a really good idea as a Christmas present - and then give you a few valuable tips on how you can bring the new balance bike closer to your child can that it has a lot of fun with it and learns how to use it safely:

5 reasons why a balance bike is a perfect Christmas present

It won't be long until Christmas is just around the corner. Parents all over the world think about what Santa Claus should put under the tree for the children, as they do every year. It should be a gift that makes children's eyes shine and it should bring joy for as long as possible and not lie in some corner in January. This applies to older children as well as to the youngest.

A balance bike is a great way to give young children from around 18 months to around 3-4 years a valuable and long-lasting gift that will encourage them and the whole family to spend time together in the fresh air. Even in winter! If you are still not quite sure whether a balance bike is a good Christmas present, we have summarized 10 reasons here:

Everything in balance

When you give away a balance bike for Christmas, you don't just fill the house with laughter and joy. Without realizing it, you are giving your children invaluable skills in terms of self-awareness, balance and coordination. A balance bike not only improves the stability of the upper body and makes your child stronger everywhere, but also makes learning to ride a bike a breeze. Completely different, by the way, then training wheels, which are rather counterproductive when it comes to learning to ride a bike freely.

Enrichment for life

Once you have learned to ride a bike, you will never forget it. With a balance bike you lay the valuable first stone in order to develop the necessary balance and to make cycling a permanent part of your life.

We live in times when toys for toddlers are already equipped with electronics. They blink and make noises and then there is mom and dad iPad or smartphone. However, if we want to educate children to grow into active and healthy adults, then a balance bike is ideally suited to reinforce this message. It encourages them to abandon their electronic toys and prefer to go outside.


A balance bike is not a new “must-have” toy of the year that can be put back in the corner as quickly as it got under the tree. Balance bikes are guaranteed to be used for a long time and bring joy to the little faces. High-quality balance bikes like those from Kinderfeets Bikes can also be passed on to siblings or friends.

All can be folded

A balance bike is not a cheap gift. Why not win over the whole family for the gift? Grandparents and other family members will certainly be happy to contribute to a balance bike when they see that it is a meaningful gift that the children will benefit from.

Family time

Cycling is something for every generation and a balance bike can include even the youngest. This way, the whole family can spend time together and start to burn off the extra calories of the festive season right at Christmas. Use the time between the days to help the children learn to ride a bike and conquer forest paths and the surrounding area together.

Balance bikes allow active kids to have the look of a two-wheeled bike without pedaling. Children move the bike by pushing with their feet. The benefit is increased balance, greater strength and coordination skills. An adjustable seat post and hard rubber tires allow the child to get as much out of the bike as possible. Balance bike can be wooden balance bike or it can be steel, plastic or aluminum bike. For wooden balance bike you can check Kinderfeets Canada or balance bike Canada.