baby botox

Author : riyahi tajmir | Published On : 10 May 2024

Baby Botox is a new method in the field of beauty and skin rejuvenation that helps maintain a natural appearance and prevent deep wrinkles by using lower doses of Botox. Suitable for younger people or those who want milder changes, Baby Botox injections can be used in different areas of the face and even the gums.

The benefits of baby botox

The benefits of Baby Botox include a more natural appearance, fewer side effects, maintaining facial movements, preventing the formation of wrinkles, releasing tension in the jaw, and preventing the forehead from shining after treatment. This method is especially useful for treating smile lines, rabbit lines on the nose, smoker's lines and tightening the chin.

The difference between Baby Botox and regular Botox

The difference between Baby Botox and regular Botox is the dose used. While regular Botox may be used in higher doses to treat deeper lines, BB Botox delivers more subtle and natural results with lower doses and a focus on specific areas.

What areas is Baby Botox used for?

Known as a milder version of regular Botox, Baby Botox injections are used in different areas of the face and even the gums to provide a more natural and youthful appearance. Here are the different areas of Baby Botox injections:

1. lower face

2. Neck and upper chest

3. jaw

4. above the lips

5. Gums

Baby botox injection in the lower face

Baby Botox can be used to treat smile lines around the mouth and rabbit lines on the nose. It can also be used to reduce smoker lines in older women and tighten the chin.

Baby botox injection on the neck and upper chest

This method is used to lift the neck and upper chest and also to prevent sweating in the armpits.

Baby botox injection in the jaw

Baby Botox can be injected into the muscles that connect the jaw to the skull to prevent teeth grinding and grinding and can help reduce jaw pain and pressure.

Baby botox injection above the lips

BB Botox can be used to lift the upper lip and give the lips a fuller appearance, sometimes as an option before lip fillers.

Baby botox injection of the gums

Injecting BB Botox into the gums can help pull down the lower lip and hide a gummy smile.

To use BB Botox in less known areas or to avoid possible complications, it is necessary to consult an experienced dermatologist and cosmetologist. They can provide the necessary guidance to choose the best treatment method based on your individual needs and characteristics.