5 Most Practical Reasons for You to Hire a Pet Travel Company

Author : Dean Harrison | Published On : 01 Apr 2023

Our pets can also experience stress during moves. They might be uneasy in their new surroundings, which could result in behaviour problems that weren't an issue in the past.

They might become preoccupied with marking their "territory" in their new house, or they might prefer to hide out under the covers or in their crate. Talk to a pet travel company in the UK, they can help.

Bring Favourite Foods:
Although you might be tempted, now is not the time to introduce new accessories to your pet. Bring instead your pet's preferred crate, toys, food, water bowls, treats, and other accustomed items. Put them where they were in your previous home, if possible. An expert pet travel company in the UK will speed up the process of making your pet feel in charge and at home.

Be Dependable:
Maintain your regular feeding, walking, playing, cuddling, and bedtime schedules. Install a doggy door in your new home if your dog is accustomed to using one. If your cat enjoys spending time outside, make arrangements for that, even if you must initially restrain him with a leash for safety reasons and to prevent him from escaping.

Keep Them Protected:
Plan for your pet's safety during the packing process, the actual move, and the adjustment period in the new home. Once the boxes and suitcases take over, some animals will become upset and frightened according to a pet travel company in the UK.

They Might Withdraw or Flee:
Make a designated safe area where they won't get hurt or lost. Ensure that your pet has identification, a way to reach you, and copies of their medical history. Find out if there are any dangerous animals in the area or if there are any structural risks in the house or yard.

Adore Them:
Pay your pet the attention he is accustomed to. A little extra tenderness will go a long way in helping them adjust to their new environment. Keep in mind that challenging behaviours are a result of their discomfort with the change and a feeling of powerlessness. Even if a pet exhibits challenging behaviours, it is not unchangeable or bad.

According to a pet travel company in the UK, if your pet's challenging behaviours continue, seek assistance from a qualified trainer or veterinarian. Also, never forget the unconditional love your pet has shown you.