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Author : George Williams | Published On : 24 Aug 2021

How to Treasure Your Family as an Art with Portrait Painting?

We live in a technological age where everything has been digitized, be it a birthday card, certificates or even family photos. Photos serve as a keepsake that reminds you of all the good times that you have spent with your family. However, if you turn these into paintings, then this can turn into the best artistic gift for your family. These are not only timeless but portraits paintings are the perfect family heirloom paintings as well. Given in the blogs below are some of the reasons why you should make an art of your family picture.

  • There are many families who are opposed to the idea of hanging a large family photo displayed at home. Instead, they look for something which is timeless and exude warmth. Oil Painting Portraits serve as the best example as these are perfect for adding a vintage appeal to the home.
  • A printed photo cannot stay forever with your family. However, a portrait painting is easier to maintain and preserve. If you contact a genuine portrait painting professional then they will offer you with commendable services that are at par with industry standards.
  • Family portraits serves provide a sense of belonging to the new generation of children. When they will come across the familiar faces of the loved ones, they will be able to relate more. These portraits also serve as a great family heirloom as well. These can be handed down the generations that they will love to flaunt in their living rooms.
  • If you have a septuagenarian in your family, whose anniversary or birthday is coming up, then the family portrait paintings can work as a great gift too. These beautiful oil paintings reflecting the happy faces of all their loving people will definitely make them happy and make them realize the love of everyone.

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