Anxiety among teenagers and how to handle it

Author : sapnapriya Ghoshal | Published On : 10 Sep 2021

Anxiety during teenage and how to handle it?

Key points

  • What is anxiety?
  • Main reasons of this mental condition during teenage
  • Symptoms
  • How this mental condition affects a teenager's life
  • How parents can help to overcome it
  • Tips to overcome the situation

Anxiety is not a joke and no matter at what stage of life someone is, anxiety can affect the daily lifestyle. The first stage is teenage where children can be anxious about different issues. Let's discuss every dimension of this mental state during teenage altogether.

What exactly is anxiety?

In simple words, a fear of not being able to cope up with a particular situation or thing. Most of the time this intense fear reflects through the physical condition and the anxious person can feel sweating, nausea, abdominal pain, headache and fast heartbeats.

This condition can start during early teenage when teenagers start to get more conscious about themselves.

Main reasons for anxiety during teenage

  • 1. Pressure of good performance

During this period, teenagers sometimes become anxious about good performance in exams, sports etc. Sometimes an additional pressure from parents causes this situation. As a result, they feel stressed out, nervous and extreme fatigue during the exams period.

  • 2. Criticism from friends and family.

Constant criticism from friends and family can cause a fear of facing situations. Mental health experts always advise not to compare the child with anyone else as it can affect their mental health.

  • 3. Any childhood trauma.

Childhood bad memories and traumas start reflecting their effect during teenage. A child's mind can absorb things very quickly but delays reflecting them. This phrase can start from middle teenage to late teenage. Teenagers can not understand how to cope up with that and as a result, anxiety takes place.

  • 4.. Not being satisfied with their physical appearance.

It is one of those reasons that can not only make teenagers anxious but helps developing an insecurity disorder in their minds that makes them feel low. They start comparing their appearance with other batchmates and online influencers.

  • 5. Problems related to adolescence-period love.

Though not many people are ready for this conversation yet, adolescence-period love, heartbreak can put a lot of effect on a teenager's mind. The first attachment in life is important to everyone and no one can deny this. It's high time people understand that this thing is completely natural.

  • 6. Fear about future

This is a reason for anxiety in every stage of life. It starts from teenage when children can not decide what they want to do with their lives and people around them keep confusing them with different advice. They start fearing to face the future. Usually, among teenagers, this situation stays until they decide their path of life.

What are the symptoms of anxiety in teenagers?

  1. Concentration problem
  2. A tendency to avoid new situations
  3. Often talking about headache and stomach ache
  4. Trust issues
  5. Anger issues
  6. Extreme self-consciousness
  7. Being irritated with little things
  8. Avoiding social gatherings
  9. Sleep problem or insomnia
  10. Fear of facing the next day
  11. Oversensitivity or crying over little things.
  12. Attracted towards substance

          How anxiety affects the daily life of a teenager?

          This mental stage can hamper the daily life of a teenager. The main problems that can happen due             to anxiety are listed below.

           1. The teenager can turn unsocial

           2. insecurity complex that makes them feel low from others.

                                                                                   3. Irritation throughout the day.

 4. Don't even love to hang out with friends

5. Deterioration in grades.

6. Left alone as they can not comfort themselves around people.

7. Depression.

8. Attractions towards substances, especially marijuana.

9. Losing self-confidence.

10. Developing trust issues.

11. Headache, stomach ache and other health-related problems.

12. Tendency to bunk school.

What is the responsibility of parents to help their children to overcome anxiety?

  • 1. Be a support system

According to psychologists, Teenage is one of the most crucial periods in a person's life. They can face hormonal disorders, especially girls.  Parents need to support them, listen to them and understand their point of view. Encourage them with their hobbies, passion and thoughts.

  • 2. Understand the generation gap

The time is changing so fast. It is always advised to parents not to expect your child to do what they have done 20 years ago. Changing time is changing problems and the ways of dealing with them also change. Let them deal with their problems in their ways and tell them, you are there.

  • 3. Interference

During teenage, children start having their own lives as well as secrets. I understand that sometimes, it is important to be strict, but try not to interfere in their personal spaces. Do not spy on them by checking their phones, laptops, their conversation with friends etc.

  • 4. Comparison

Do not, I would repeat it, do not compare your child with someone else as it will grow an insecurity disorder and they can become anxious about their appearance, performance and other things.

  • 5. Pressure

Don't give your child pressure for something she/he doesn't want to do. Tell them that your love doesn't depend on the mark sheet. Teach them to accept failure as well as how to shine brighter after a failure. Don't choose subjects for them, let them follow their passion, their choices.

  • 6. Understand adolescent-period attraction is something real

 It is high time to understand that this is a real thing and parents have to be supportive. There is nothing to shout at them or scold them. If your teenage child is facing first heartbreak, be supportive and understanding towards them.

  • 7. Share yourself

Share your experience, your flaws, your drawbacks with your children. Make them know that you are also a human being who has learnt from the experience. Be a friend of your child.

Some tips to overcome the anxiety

1. Work out

Some workout helps to improve the mental health. Physical fitness is very important for mental stability. Try some workout and keep a record of that. I highly suggest a fitness tracker. It's important to keep a record of your daily fitness.

2. Proper diet

You must be having a proper diet with enough carbs, protein and other nutrition values. You can use a nutrition tracker to understand what is missing from your diet as an imbalance of any nutrition in the body can worsen the situation.

3. Foods

Some food items help to deal with anxiety. One of the most effective items is ginger. Besides that, eggs, fatty fish, hazelnuts etc can also be eaten. Dark chocolate can also play an important role in. mental health issues

4. Consult

Consult a psychologist if needed. Mental disturbance also needs some medical attention and consulting a psychologist is the best option.

5. Increase concentration

Try to increase your concentration. You can also play some games that help to increase your concentration power. Chess is highly recommended for this purpose as well as Brain teasers and Soduku.

6. Communication

Try to communicate with people as much as you can. Talk about random topics. Communication is also a key to a healthy mental condition. It will help you to get your self-confidence back.

Ending words

Anxiety is something real and among teenagers and it can be massively effective. They need the help of their family members as well as friends to overcome this. If treated right, the situation can change within a few months. It is important to understand the reasons and admit your anxiety and start treating that.