Animal Shelter and Rescue Pet Myths

Author : Slack Tony | Published On : 26 May 2021

Unfortunately, animal shelters are sometimes misunderstood. So are the pets inside of them. Here, your vet Kerrville, TX tells you about three common myths and what the truth is behind them.

Myth: Shelter pets poorly behave.

This isn’t true. Pets in shelters aren’t automatically poorly behaved, and they don’t usually end up there because of poor behavior specifically. Shelter pets might need training like any other pet, of course, but they’re not the “bad apples” of the pet world.

Myth: Shelter pets have more health problems.

Think that shelter pets are prone to more health problems than other pets? Think again. These pets are the same as any other pets in terms of health. In fact, purebreds often have specific health problems that mixed-breed animals do not.

Myth: Shelter pets are expensive.

This is false. Adoption fees at a shelter are almost always far less than the price tag at a breeder’s facility or pet store. Plus, shelter pets are often already vaccinated and microchipped, saving you even more money.

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