An Accredited Typing Certificate Is a Must for a Professional Typist

Author : Typing Test Certificate | Published On : 12 Apr 2021

Most of the time we need to take down the words of a lecture in the corporate organizations. Those words may be of a delegate or maybe of your boss as well. But to take them down as he has said, you need to have a good typing speed. Typing speed is nothing but how fast you can type a word after listening to it from the speaker. This is why typists are needed in every sector nowadays. Starting from educational institutions to the court of law, the demand for a professional typist is everywhere. An accredited typing certificate is a very useful thing for everyone to get a job in these sectors. Previously there were stenographers who used to take the notes of the lectures or the words spoken by the speakers. But with time, there has been an evolution that has brought professional typists into the competition. Though the demand for stenographers has not ended yet, but the professional typists are more accurate and they work faster. Here you don’t need to write the whole lecture from the shorthand words to the long paragraphs. Thus many young candidates are nowadays leaning to have an accredited typing certificate from a recognized institute.

People who work in professional corporate institutes have to have a good typing speed since they may have to make any report or a presentation for the company at any point of time of the day. Mostly a professional typist can write 60 to 90 words per minute if they are getting dictated. But if they have to write on their own, they can write nearly 50 words per minute. On the other hand, if you are a data entry operator then 45 words per minute can be considered as a good speed of typing. People who work as transcriptionists or personal assistants or legal secretaries often pose a typing speed of 60 to 90 words per minute.

Though typing speed is important, at the same time it is also important that you should type the accurate words that the speaker has said. To get a typing test certificate you need to be accurate along quickly. You need to type in such a way that you don’t need to look at the keyboard but to the screen only. Therefore you will be considered as a good typist. There are several kinds of levels like A, B, C of the typing test. After passing them only, you will be able to get a typing test certificate from a recognized institute. By improving accuracy and typing speed you can be a professional typist and can get opportunities in any organization.

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