All You Need to Know About Fireplace Installation Services

Author : The Fireplace Technician | Published On : 20 Dec 2021

Safety is the number one reason why homeowners opt for a professional fireplace installation in Auckland. Installing a fireplace can be risky procedure. Many dangerous factors are involved, including working with electricity, flue systems, and more. You can ensure that everything will be done correctly and safely with professional fireplace installation in Auckland.

Fireplace installation companies also offer convenience and value for money by selling quality fireplaces. Some even have solid fuel and gas heaters to suit clients’ requirements and preferences. 

That said, not all service providers can give you the kind of results you want. In that case, you have to be very careful in selecting and hiring tradesmen. When assessing or interviewing potential service providers, the following things must be asked and considered. 


Before buying their fireplace or hiring them for the installation job, visit their showroom. It’s a good idea to look at the product in person so you can envision the fireplace in your home. Photos can be deceiving. They won’t show you everything you need to see as you assess the quality of their work. This is why you should visit the provider’s showroom if possible.


Reliable service providers should be able to give you a certification of the existing installation. This document is needed as proof that the installation is fit for its purpose. In other words, it proves that the work meets the manufacturer’s specifications and the local authority requirements. Certification is even more important if you are selling your property sometime soon because most buyers look for the Land Information Memorandum (LIM) reports.

Fireplace consents 

Before a fireplace installation in Auckland, local authorities require building consent regardless of whether the fireplace is new or a replacement. The application should indicate the floorplan, manufacturer’s specifications, installation procedures, hearth details, smoke alarms, and more. This application comes with a fee. For your convenience, find a technician who can complete and lodge the building consent application on your behalf. 

Already have your fireplace installed? Maybe what you need is fireplace cleaning. A chimney sweep is necessary to keep your fireplace running safely and efficiently. So if you notice some soot starting to fall from the chimney or that starting a fire takes too much time, then your fireplace definitely needs cleaning.